Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Excuse me, sir.

Matt's wrong.

(7/4 of all Democrats? That's an improper fraction, Matt.)
Cap'n Jack, I'm quite frankly stunned that you would allow such an anti-liberal bias to creep into this hallowed institution. I mean, really. Lumping together Democrats, atheists, and whores?
Look at Jon "No-H" Stewart - he's a devout Jew. And the satirical mastermind Colbert is a practicing Roman Catholic. Now, their sexual deviances are unknown to me, but I think that clearly destroys your little coalition.
And atheists (which generally isn't capitalized, but whatever) didn't create hip-hop. Hip-hop was a musical continuation of jazz, which came from blues, and black people created all of them. Are you calling all black people atheist? If so, how do you explain Reverend Wright?
You can't, in one breath, both condemn the theory of global warming and accuse liberal SUVs of aggravating it. Well, I guess you can, actually, now that you've done so.

And, on a more personal note, Bishop's sister is a total bitch. Yeah, I heard what you said over the phone. Respect the nerd, girl!



Bishopk said...

I actually like my sister, thank you very much.

(If you and Matt start a flame war, I'm killing you both.)

chickenboy said...

James, James, James. Well how to begin my comment...First lets go over how a blog works. Your blog article, should not be a response to mine. The Blog you posted SHOULD have gone under the "comments section" (the one you used correctly for repond to jacks article). Secondly I was joking and your a jerk. You dont just call random peoples sisters mean names.

Liberal Atheist said...

I didn't want to write a book in response...consider it blowing off school steam.
I tried to end the paragraphs with a joke, but they weren't funny. Oops.
I know your sister is (probably) a nice girl, but the words coming out of her mouth were trademark older emo brother, which triggered the someone's-being-a-bitch synapses.
Shafo and I yell at each other enough at school. We don't need to do it here.

Bishopk said...

That's cool. Keep it cool, yo!
And yes, you have permission to post liberal propaganda, since Matt can post conservative propaganda

Cap'n_Jack said...

Why would I be shocked at the anti-liberal bias? It's fucking colorado, everybody hates liberals. Speaking of which, I have formed my own Pirate Party which believes primarily in the legalization of marijuana and prostitution, more global warming to increase ocean size, and the organized killing of all bears everywhere. We're planning to get into the white house by 2012 with our new candidate, Ralph Nader.