Friday, May 30, 2008

A Well Thought Out Response

Matt, James,

Listening to you two argue is annoying. However, placing bets on who will win is what keeps me awake during school. That being said, I will make a strong case for both of your stances and then immediately refute them.

Democrats have a lot of things going for them. They're great people who believe US citizens deserve every right they have, and some they don't deserve. That being said, I'm pretty sure same-sex marriage is one of the creepiest things they've come up with in recent years, next to universal health care. I, personally, believe people should have the right to be gay, but not to marry. They can live together as long as they stop bothering me.
I'm serious guys, stop calling me asking for donations. It's annoying.
And hey, it's not illegal if nobody knows about it.

Republicans are cool people. They totally believe in limited government, and they oppose same-sex marriage. That being said, they don't like killing babies. Honestly, I believe abortion is always necessary. I mean, have you ever met a child? Selfish punks. And tax cuts? Give me a break. If the citizens of America are running up such great debts to other countries, we deserve to pay that back. Through high taxes.
Besides that, I'd say they're a nice bunch.
Another thing I like about the Republicans: They support the war. That's a good idea, since we're winning.

And to the both of you:
Political parties are the greatest threat to America after gay marriage, the war in Iraq, and scented plug-ins. They force people to believe things they may not want to believe. It's a good theory, in theory. When people are categorized, it makes them so easy to understand. "Oh, Mr. Johnson is a liberal. He must support gay marriage and the right to abortion!" While it may be true, not all people are mindless drones. That being said, you two are. Make your own decisions, and don't let party affiliation pwn you.

-K. Bishop, Mindless Drone #002614


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chickenboy said...

There is one thing me and James can agree on. The biggest threat to this nation: Bears.