Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Whats wrong with the world

The main problems with this world are debated a lot. Things like global warming, prostitution, Democrats, The war in Iraq, Terrorists, Democrats, Hip hop music, Sti's, Political left wings, and Colbert not having his own channel to name a few. Although all of these problems seem rather important (especially eliminating the non-republicans), the biggest problem with the modern world is Atheism. That’s right you heard right, Atheism (in less you heard something other then atheism, in which case you heard wrong). Atheists are naive, oblivious, and most are just plain stupid. Even though you’re still a skeptic of my claim, just look at how the problems with the world listed above are linked to atheists. Atheists are horrible people-their Automobiles get like 3.7 m/g on average. Not only are they expounding the global warming issue; they created it. They also use the money they get from their “terrorist acts” to pay off prostitutes. 7/4 democrats are Atheists, can you believe that overwhelming statistic and still not believe that Atheists are the cause of all the worlds problems? To finish proving my point Atheist people believe in something the rest of us can just only stand by in amazement. They created hip hop “music”, and all the while believe that Comedy central should continue to show dozens of shows despite the fact that no one ever watches anything on that channel except Colbert and John Stewart. Frankly I am done listening to these stupid and pure evil ideas that society accepts as unchangeable. I make a call out to all you good readers out there today: Run the Democratic Party, the Atheists and the Prostitutes out of town! We don’t want you here anymore!



Bishopk said...

Aww, can't we keep the prostitutes?

(If you and James start a flame war, I'm killing you both)

Cap'n_Jack said...

I agree with Bish, let's keep the whores, hookers, and prostitutes. If we get rid of them, then how will I ever pay my way through college?