Sunday, June 8, 2008

Battlefield 2

I finally found (discovered) a solution (fix) to my boredom (apathy, lethargy). 

Unfortunately (Badly), it's impossible (unrealistic, fantastical) to use (implement, utilize). See, my computer (system, rig, personal computing device) can't run (is physically incapable of running) this program (application). My dad's can (my father's machine is capable), but (however) he won't let me install (prevents me from downloading [content]) it (the program). He doesn't want me on his computer all the time (does not wish me to hoard all of his rig's operating hours), apparently (obviously).

My continued (annoying) use of synonyms is because my psyche (mind, conscience, brain) is reverting to 6th grade (going back to a somewhat happier time when I was kinda popular, at least, not as nerdy), when I got third place at the local spelling bee (performed reasonably well at a local academic competition).

I need help. (Perfect as is.)


Bishopk said...

I'm glad you discovered the *span class=fullpost**/span* tags.

Cap'n_Jack said...

Is it that hard to speak coherently? Have you gotten that sexually frustrated with yourself? C'mon man, get a girlfriend.

Liberal Atheist said...

I'm talking differently. Seriously. I've gone from a bored drone to a kind of psychotic high-pitched whine. Like I'm going to stab my brother or something.

Liberal Atheist said...

Oh, also, Jack, I know you're hard at work destroying Hannah's sense of morality and decency, but I know this - you haven't been boning her.