Friday, June 20, 2008


Oy, I'll be touring Europe from tomorrow to July 6, so I won't be doing anything here. Try to contain your enthusiasm, there are children present (somewhere).


Bishopk said...

Good luck! I would have commented sooner, but I was PARTYING

Liberal Atheist said...

Is Ham going with you?

Look, I know, Europe is romantic. But she hasn't been corrupted that much yet - don't try anything. You perv.

chickenboy said...

Good luck and GOD speed. I would have posted earlier but, I was part....wait no it's because I'm lazy and couldn't think of anything to say. My message still doesn't really say anything, but at least I posted. Yayzzzeeezzz...Woot. w00t. wo0t. w0ot. wuwt. WUWT.