Sunday, June 8, 2008

Fun with stats

Well, Sunday night is here again, and I'm out of cash and out of whores. Where did they go?
Come back!
Get it?
Anyways, I think people are actually reading our blog. At last check (as of yesterday), we had 31 absolute unique visitors who visited 92 times. Good for them!
33.7% of them visited once and never came back. I blame James.
85 of the 92 visits were from teh USA.
4 were from teh UK. I blame Bishop. (Well, maybe Thomie.)
1 visitor from Serbia! I blame Matt.
1 visitor from Cyprus, an island nation! I blame Jack.
Both of those visitors spent (an average of) 00:00:00 on the site. Way to go, losers.
(Good job alienating your fan base, loser. Maybe they read fast.)
46.74% bounce rate? Gosh. I don't even know what that means.
23 visits on June 6? Again, that was the day Jack came back. Curses!
This picture illustrates how well our reffering sites do. Put the URL in all your forum signatures!

Yeah, we're this close to popularity. Matt, please don't ruin it.


1 comment:

chickenboy said...

Why is that I am automaticly the one who would ruin it? I am WAY more popular. Need I remind you who won the "who do you like better" poll WITHOUT voting for myself (more then once). BTW, Jack I am wearing your pants right know, from that wild party. I hope that doesn't turn you on or anything.