Monday, June 9, 2008

Graaalbersmagit. Its true.

Hey all

This Message is brought to you by the Number A! It is being co-lead by the Letter ?. Gimmy a W! Gimmy a Q! Gimmy a Batman Symbol! Gimmy another Q! Gimmy a *! Gimmy an Upside J! Whats that spell? Rape, in our secret code(not really, it doesn't spell anything)!

Sorry I havn't been posting for a while, lifes been keeping me busy. Not really. I'm bored. Really bored. So I signed myself up for a literature cource. I figured a good way to keep myself busy is to torture myself. So I have completly read everything on my reading I just need to read all those books on there. On a more serious note (who am kidding, I'm gunna make fun of james):

The only two reasons this cant be James? First, no one would EVER want James in bed with them. EVER. Ever ever ever ever ever ever. In a million bajillion (I am aware that it isn't a word) quadrillion years. Ever. Ever. Second, his body isn't in preportion. Exp. Needs a bigger mouth, bigger ears, taller, etc. Other than those small details (no one will ever go to bed with you James) it is totaly you.

So Jack, what are your career plans? I heard it can be rther difficult to get a job as a pirate, and I was wondering what your plans are for staying alive once you became one. These days it is rather hard to keep the LAW (silly little thing) from getting "all up in your grill" and stopping your good time (and small childrens screems).

Anyway, if I dont get something more exciting to do thise summer I'm gunna pull an edipus (not do my Mom you perv, gouge out my eyes)...Since its 11:15 P.m. I plan on loggin' and going to bed. Unlike you lazy fools I have to get up at 6 tom to water the lawn. My dad is to lazy to fix the sprinkler system.

P.s. Still waiting for the "Matthew I love you" letter. Don't be shy all you fans!

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Liberal Atheist said...

I'm getting up at 6 too, but not to waste water growing ecologically unfeasible plants in my yard. No, I'm doing something much manlier - grocery shopping.

Seriously, just email me your articles, I'll run them through Microsoft Word for you.

And the head size is pretty accurate in that picture.