Monday, June 9, 2008

Hey Guys -


Call him for extra details, like where he lives and when it'll be and how many hookers you should bring. And his phone number because I don't have that. (Yeah, I know - calling someone to find out their phone number. Makes perfect sense.)

Also, I'd like to spotlight another blog that's totally hilarious (not as much as ours, though) - Specifically, check out their "Five Scariest Bugs" and the rap-parody video by one of their offshoots, "Those Aren't Muskets!" - "The U.S.S. Enterprise (Is Gettin' P.U.S.S.Y. Tonight)" - which, as you may be able to tell, is not child-safe. Matt, I would suggest not even looking for it. Your parents would kill you to cleanse you.

Also, Matt, if there's any way you could get Diablo 2 to someone who can go to the party? Please.


chickenboy said...

Yer, I'll see sean tom, and since the party is at his house, he SHOULD be able to give it to you then. My mom would actualy light me on fire to clense me. Its possible that I would survive. Not likely, but possible. At least I would go to a "better place."

Bishopk said...

A hospital?

Cap'n_Jack said...

Fuck, I can't go. I have rehearsal for my Europe tour. Ah well. Somebody kill a hooker for me, will ya?