Sunday, June 1, 2008

A simple thanks to my fans

I just wanted to thank all my faithful readers who voted for me, putting me in the lead in the votes thusfar (by faitful readers I mean 1 person, because I have 4 votes; 1 was mine, 1 was jimmy's, 1 was marcs', and YOU are that 1 special person who loves me).

I wanted to say to all of you out there who love me but are to shy to show it by voting, that I love you back! If anyone of you wants to e-mail me a letter of "matthew you are amazing" then just go ahead. Don't worry, I will not make copies and distribute them to all my friends as proof that people like me more then them. I wouldn't be a horrible person to the enviorment like that-I would only FORWORD the letter to all my friends with sarcastic but funny remarks attached, thus saving paper, ink, and a home for small monkeys in our rainforests. Besides that James smells like feet. I just wanted to announce that any and all people who send me such a letter would recive a gift that no other mortal could recieve. I leave you with this- thank you again faithful and loyal friend.

1 comment:

Bishopk said...

I have 3 votes :P
Two were mine, one was my faithful reader's.