Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pirate Party!

New Political Party!!1!

Are you tired of the insane war-mongering Republicans and the pussy tree-hugging Deomcrats? Then join the newly formed Pirate Party! We (I) in the Pirate Party believe in blatant irresponsibility in the modern world. Our goals include: 1. Legalization of pot and prostitution, 2. Up carbon emissions to increase ocean size and potential pirate territory, 3. The immediate extermination of all bears everywhere, 4. There is no 4, and 5. Increasing the nuclear aresenal of the US by at least 50 billion warheads. With every new registration, you get about one free hooker for about half an hour. More information to come.


Vampi. said...

Wait a second, I've found a flaw! How can you exterminate all the bears and keep the hookers?! Have you NEVER heard of a Bearfoot Hooker?! Oh the horror of the thought!

Cap'n_Jack said...

Bearfoot Hooker? Tell me, what kind of fun hallucinogens are you experimenting with, and can I have some?