Saturday, June 7, 2008

Type me sweet nothings... (Words of Wednesday: Saturday Edition)

Ahhhhh... Saturdays. It's like life, no?
This road we travel is long and boring. It's times like these that make me punch things. While days while away in the unbearable summer heat, we sing songs of loneliness. The birds of summer are crows of famine, and reading this in a light and raspy voice helps the effect. Time draws ever shorter as we approach forever. I really need to buy some more bacon, I'm running out.
For years, we wandered this lonely wasteland, stopping only for food and drink. Holy sun, lost forever in this illusion. Food is nothing in the wastes of time, and drink is of no consequence. For what we eat on our journey is only to take us to the destination. Hence, if our journey has no end, all consumption will have been in vain. And thus, humans shall forever glorify their sustenance, despite its uselessness.
In conclusion, I think I would make a great addition to the Waffle House team, and am willing to work at any level until I get my +8 Gloves of Glory. (Or, if I'm lucky, the +12 Gauntlets of Gory, with head-crunching action.)
And thus, the resumé of darkness is delivered to the soulless Father Time.


Cap'n_Jack said...

I feel your pain man. Besides the few times I've seen Hannah, it's been a solid block of boredom. I may snap and attack my neighbours.

Liberal Atheist said...

I think we've gotten so nerdy, we need school.

Vampi. said...

Oh I don't know boys. Aye, boredom is a dastardly thing, but there's always something to be made of it. What you all need is a challenge! Or even a simple goal would suffice. Something like.... Everyone pass around the Diablo II play disk (or simply burn a copy thats not for use) and see just how far each of you get with a set time limit. Who can kill Andariel in the least amount of hits, or how long it takes and how many times you die before you get up to killing Baal. Personally, I couldn't live without my LOD expansion.. was a scary place...

Vampi Ranting Complete