Monday, July 14, 2008

All people of earth have one thing in common

The quiz of quizlieness. I need the responces from Vampi so no one post any hints/clues untill she has answered (all of the boys have already taken this quiz).

Would you ever date Bishop?
1 No
2 Really No
3 Gaal Fizzlick

How many times have you sat on yellow?
1 No
2 Really No
3 Too many times to remember

Do you have three toes?
1 No
2 Really No
3 Yes

Are you a homo(sapien)?
1 No
2 Really No
3 Quadraped

Are you in love?
1 No
2 Right now
3 Sponge

Does that come with Taco sauce?
1 Yes
3 Blueberries

Do you think an alien attack is coming?
1 Yes
2 Turnip
3 I was so afraid of an alien attack that I couldn't understand the question

What do strawberry's taste like?
1 Strawberry's is spelled right
2 I'm scared
3 I was so afraid of an alien attack that I couldn't understand the question

Have you ever fought left handed against a bread crumb on the floor?
1 Godzirra
2 Indago
3 Does this make my *** look big?

What is "WUMBO" upside down?
1 Rickyticky ummbop good awk *scream*
2 ... yet
3 HAH! I made you think of the game

OK, thats all of them. There are real answers to every question, and you will be graded # of correct/10. Thank you all, and good night.



Bishopk said...

I was afraid this would resurface


(I honestly had nothing to do with it, but got a 4/10 iirc!)

Vampi. said...

O_O oh boy.... why do I not think the dating bish question was one everyone else's test

1 - 3
2 - 3
3 - 3
4 - 2
5 - 1
6 - 4 = No! HOT SAUCE you feinds!
7 - 2
8 - 4 = Who's Strawberry?
9 - 3
10 - 1

And if you don't like my answers... then... well...
Ekke Ekke Ekke Ekke Ptang Zoo Boing

chickenboy said...

Score is 3/10. Assesment is you suck eggs. Obvious mistakes are as follows(leaving less obvious ones out)-

You didn't answer 1 or 2 to number 1. You autommaticly fail the test because only one other person has failed to answer it correctly. LOSER!

You aren't a Homosapien? That means human, did you know?

You were givin two chances to correctly answer the alien invasion one and you failed them both!!! YOU FAIL AT LIFE! MISERABLY!!!!!!

For number nine there was a lot of space between that question and number ten. That was so you could write in your own answer (like you did when you put 4 and a "=" then put your own answer).

Your correct answers were 3, 5, and 10. Any questions? I may or may not choose to answer them.

Vampi. said...

OK now for the explanations. :D
1 - I went through 6 months of hell to AVOID dating bish, including muting him and avoiding him at all costs. I'm no longer a bitch to him and am cured. <3 Bish
2 - There was a cat named yellow next door when I was a wee youngen. I would go over there to play and would somehow always end up sitting on him. The sheer horror I had that you had a question
about sitting on yellow was ginormous.
4 - No, I'm not human, I'm vampire... duh.
6 - Seriously, Hot sauce for the win. But.... 3 ok there an answer. Taco sauce tastes like rotten tomatos to me...
7 - I don't THINK there's an alien attack coming, I KNOW there's an alien attack coming... the mexicans are invading in SWARMS! (bad bad joke)
8 - Tell me you didnt laugh at that one... correct answer, 1.
9- 4 - Have you ever blown up a beaver with a torpedo?


chickenboy said...

1 Ok well there is no excuse ever to not put 2 for the first answer so you still fail miserably...

2 The yellow is more like yellow on a toilet seat, or something...I don't quite remember why that was supose to be no.

4 I actualy belive that in most legends a vampire is still a homosapien, just not mortal any more...

6 The answer to hot sauce is uh huh. It's in all caps. Blueberries in hot sauce would be gross.

7 Why didn't you answer aliens then?!!!???

8 Correct answer is still the aliens. And I have heard it once before in a 1 page letter wirtten to me about how (choice word here) my quiz was. It wasn't pleasing despite the green jel pen which it was written in.

Bishopk said...

aw yeah, you stupidos gave that to hannah, and now everyone thinks i'm desperate.
(even though i am :P)
If she didn't hate us before... well, let's just hope Jack isn't brainwashed.

chickenboy said...

Lol...hannah. How could someone with the greatest name (spelled the same backwords as forewords) ever be sooooo [insert choice word here]. Man, you should have seen how anoyed sweaty was. The answers were no, really no, and a nonsence word that doesn't mean anything. No one thinks your desperate (ever though you are).

Vampi. said...

Meh, so I fail. Nothing new >,<

shadowoftruth said...

didn't hannah write like a 4 page letter in response to that? and it was full of errors...BTW the dota song owns

Cap'n_Jack said...

Not to worry my fellows, I'm not brainwashed by Hannah, and will never be. I'm still the same fucking obscene fuck who fucking dislikes most fucking people. Shit piss fuck cunt cocksucker motherfucker tits. Anyway, the whole note thing was odd and in my opinion a bad move, but still. She doesn't hate you guys as far as I know, but she could be hiding it well. But if she ever comes to school with deadly weaponry and walks toward you, I suggest running.

chickenboy said...

Odd? Bad move? Wow, those are understatements. And she is maybe one of the biggest hypocrits ever (enphasis on the "hippo" part). Hiding it well? Every one that I know of thinks she hates us. She told me at the end of one of her letters to have a nice life. That means she hates me and never wants to talk/see/hear/be near me ever again. It is rather obvious...