Friday, July 11, 2008

Haikus - Cannibal Style!

Shafo is at houseI am not hungry anymore
He makes me feel full

Honestly, he's strange
I think he wants to rape me
At least I am full

Stop staring at me
And please quit licking your lips
Are you hungry, too?


His flesh was my meal
Honestly, I think I'm fat
He tasted so good.



Vampi. said...

o.O There are several dirty responses I could give to this one Bish... But I'll behave..

-hands Larry a napkin-

chickenboy said...

Lol. A few hours after we wrote this one, and now I am thinking of all the way more poetic lines we could have wirtten to convey the same *I ate Bishibosh* meaning.

Vampi. said...

Well... you two could always continue it. Or make more based on it. Or even further it on to the eating of all your other friends.. something like (no I'm not a poet damnit, tis bish's forte)

I ate a shadow
It was not very filling
Dear Larry is next


chickenboy said...

James as a Toothe Pick
Sean was a small snack-ee-poo
I am still craving...

shadowoftruth said...

i'm a small snack...what does that make marc a one bite donut?

Bishopk said...

He's a donut hole
A quick, healthy, tasty snack
That I will now eat.


Vampi. said...

>.> Accidently, somehow, managed to post the comment with my password posted in it... weird anyway

Lol this is great!

What shall we do now?
Bishop ate a donut hole.
Is Bish still hungry?

chickenboy said...

Bish is a fatso
He lives inside my tummy
I must eat for two

Bishopk said...

What the fuck? Stupid
Eating-me type of person
I stab your stomach