Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Self Welcoming


Part 1 - The Introduction / Story

One fine day, Bishopk was browsing along the Wisecrack Express. Everything seemed fine, but it didn't seem... grand. So he thought to himself.
"Hmmm what could I do to make this blog better?"
He pondered, he thought, he questioned, and it finally came to him.
"Ah HA!" he exclaimed with great relish. "It needs a woman's touch. Some... femininity. Shafo just doesn't cut it."
I finally was able to convince him to add me to the list of contributors. (That convincing consisted of "Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase???" and "Ugh! Fine.") And thus, Vampi's reign had begun.

Part 2 - The Contribution
A. I give you all something. I'll allow you each to ask me 2 questions. No matter how... odd, I'll answer.
B. I think the entire Earth's human population's skin tone should be the same shade of blue. That way we could all have reason to say "Awww you look so blue," OR, we could all sing "I'm blue da-ba-di-da-bi-die" with just cause. Opinions?

♥ Vampi.


chickenboy said...

I thought you were calling me larry to minimize effort on your part. I was proud of your lazyness. *is no longer proud*

My first question is what two questions would you ask me?

(2) You say you answer the questions, but that is easy. I ask you whether or not you will answer the questions TRUTHFULLY? Of cource you might answer this question falsly...hmmm, I can see a paradox coming.

I see an issue with the whole blue skin thing. If you wear blue suede shoes (like the song) then they blend in with your skin, and it looks like you aren't wearing shoes, then older people get conserned for you and follow you around buying you pairs of shoes you don't need. You see? <--This question does not need to be answered, it is rhestorical.

shadowoftruth said...

First of all, this is to Shaffo... whats this about old people buying you shoes normally they just hit you with a stick or in my grandmothers case use some herbal remedy to make me grow shoes. ok now that thats over back to vampi... [1] are you really just bishopk's alter feminine ego?
{2} if (answer=no) to "question [1]";
cout ("what is your real name?");
else if, (cout(("when are you seeking professional help?")));
I think that this is my longest post...

Vampi. said...

Well, Larry, I'll answer your second question first, since it seems more resonible in that order.
Yes, I'll answer all questions with complete and utter honesty, no matter how embarrassing, tormenting, or down right disgusting.

As for the first question, which I'm answering second since it makes more sense to do so. I'd ask you, why you use the screen name Chickenboy, and what's your most embarrasing moment?

Fairly simple at those.

And who said that the blue suede shoes would be the same shade of blue as the people's skin?

Vampi. said...

Do I act like Bish??!?!? -hides in a corner rocking back and forth screaming "I'm not a popsicle"-

No I'm not his female alter ego. My name is Liz.

shadowoftruth said...

i never said you acted like bish i was just just wondering because only bish knew you if he just made you up to be an outlet for some of his more feminine moments

Vampi. said...

As entertaining as the picture of Bish dressed up as the old lady was, I'm not that side of him that he needed in order to wear that outfit.

I'm much shorter than him xD

Bishopk said...

Son of a bitch.
(There's a reason we have 36 visits from TN, all from the same town. Check the analytics some time, I've added you all)

Vampi. said...

Heh >.> I get bored... so I come here and check if anyone has posted anything...

Cap'n_Jack said...

Hmm, what questions? 1. What is the greatest band ever? (answer incorrectly and I release the hounds) and 2. If you were a gummy bear, what flavour would you be, and how fast do you think would it be before someone bit your gummy head off? (one question, and if
you don't like it, prepare to have your intestines fed to the ship's goat Errol).

*Make today special by wearing an eyepatch and beating the shit out of a total stranger*

chickenboy said...

OK, thanks. Allthough you may always have been lying when you answered my second question first...hmm

Vampi. said...

Jack's Questions

1. Trick question Jack.. evil, but clever. I don't think there are any bands superiour to others. Yes, they are some musicians who are more talented, compose music that is more creative and cunning, or simply sound better than others. But to say another band is greater than another is well... mean. Having said that, System of A Down and Pink Floyd are two of the most creatively inclined bands I've ever heard. Musically, they're geniuses. But, I also like the vocals of a majority of the Finnish rock bands that are about these days. Particularly H.I.M. and The 69 Eyes.

2. I'd so be a cherry gummi bear. The others just don't compare in taste or coloring. As for speed in the biting off of the head? Well... it depends on just how much the biter likes to be bitten back. Lol