Thursday, July 24, 2008


Day 3 of my Estes Park thing I didn't tell any of you about. Here's how it's going:

Well, here I am at Estes Park for my sister's horse show that I'm not even watching, and here I stay until fucking Monday. There's nothing on TV except game shows from the 60's and rednecks hurting themselves. On the plus side, I hacked into the hotel across the road's internet without paying. Then I watched as it had an impenetrable smartfilter and didn't allow Youtube. But you can go here. Hmm, interesting. Anyway, wanna know how bored am I? I started the IB summer reading. Don't panic, I'm not enjoying it. It's the dumbest shit you've ever read. Don't try this at home. Essay's easy as long as you can bullshit decently. I haven't started that, but still. The guy who wrote the professor reading thing whatever must die, and he must die now. Quote: "Every Trip is a Quest (Except When It's Not)" Stunning mastery of all things logical that will help me to read better. Seriosuly, I could prove that Mr. Foster is a fascist, sexist, racist freak who has a food fetish. That's right, he wants to fuck his food. I haven't started the other one we could "choose", but I don't want to. Somebody help me and steal a helicopter or something to get me out of this boring-ass city! PLEASE!! ARGH!! *gurgle gurgle*



Cap'n_Jack said...

shadowoftruth said...

i finished the summer reading to get the new guitar hero my essay is going to kill the teacher... do you want me to bomb the park?

chickenboy said...

Don't say yes. He'll do it. Jack, I almost had to go to estes park this weekend too! I was lucky enough to manage to get out of it...Loser

Well I have done almost everything on my reading list, so I started reading some of the books on my "read if you get through almost everything on your readign list" book list. Fun stuff. Btw jack, hijacking internet is illegal. Silly little thing called the law bans it. I think they call it something like stealing...So watch yourself.

Cap'n_Jack said...

I don't even know why I'm fucking here. All I do is sit in my cabin and that's it. The last few days I've had to watch the horse show, which is the most boring sport including Nascar. If two horses collide do they explode? No. Fucking boring. I'm a bloody pirate, since when has stealing been bad? Anyway, we're leaving today (hooray) so fuck 'em, I got away scot free.