Monday, July 7, 2008

Cheese molds more rapidly in india

Well I see that the blog just dies when I leave. Literally. A part from the comments there is absolutely no new information at all here.

Well we went to various national parks in the Utah, NM, Arizona area. Lemmy explain to you what all there is in that area. Desert
And more bugs.

We went to Arches which is like the Garden of the Gods with more heat and bugs. The park is also based on a funny sex joke, but we'll save it for later.

We went to Bryce. I met the HOTTEST girl ever there. Got numbers.

We went to Zion. It was 125 degrees. One hundred and twenty five. Fahrenheit. We created marsh mellow cream in the car. And bugs ate us alive (in retrospect it is better then being eaten dead I guess).

We went to the Grand Canyon. It rained. We missed sunset because of cloud cover, so I got up at 4 am in order to see sunrise. I missed it because of cloud cover. Fuck Rain. European pop star and the wet stuff in the sky.

We also visited a number of other national parks and monuments, with similar features (bugs, heat, rain-that doesn't get rid of the heat/sun). Joy.

I read a lot. Finished all of Charley D's stuff, Desert solitaire, some Twain etc. It was an over all amazing trip (see Bryce canyon information). Even if I did just spend the last 1.5 hours sorting though 47 e-mails...damn e-mail users who e-mail me during vacationary times.
-well, hopefully this blog will pick up now that I'm back.



Vampi. said...

Wow... sounds like you had a blast. By the way, bugs... ew ok.

Dude, you need to be more descriptive that just "HOTTEST". Like name, features, mentality, personality, shit like that. Come on!

chickenboy said...

Well...I supose I should be a little more descriptive.

First I will say I met her at the end of a 7.2 mile hike (thats for 1 way. You need to hike another 7.2 miles to get out, adding up to be 14.4) She was wearing only a two piece bathing suit. No shoes. No water. The temp was 104. I was impressed.

Anyway, she needed water (duh!), so she asked me for some. I was using my camel back with a realy short hose, since I use it for biking. When a hot girl in a two piece asks a fat kid for water-you give it to her (its the rules). So she had to get real close to get the water. I obviously hated it (sarcasim).

She was surprisingly like you guys, but less bodily functions. She was in the campsite next to ours and I spent more time at her campsite then mine. Including sleeping time. Mom was happy (more sarcasim).

Bishopk said...

104? My god, where was her parka? I wouldn't be caught dead without a heater in that temperature.

Vampi. said...

Slightly more descriptive... well done xD