Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sean Goes To The United States

Some things I noticed about You Nork and Chicago

1. Cars don't stop for pedestrians the honk and then speed up.
2. There was a man wearing a cowboy hat... and that was all he was wearing
5. there were more hookers then there are people in Colorado Springs
3. All the taxi cab drivers sounded like illegal immigrants
4. there is no 7th floor in any of the hotels but they do have a 13th floor
6. Natives had an uncanny sense of when a traffic light was about to change
7. there is no number 7
8. Times Square needs an epilepsy warning
9. there is actually a spider man i met him

Yea so I just got back from Chicago

1. pedestrians go everywhere they was a crowd of them around each car
2. people love orange soda everyone was carrying a case around
3. two of the neighbors of the friend that i was visiting had a war with fire works and the police came to join in...
4. bish calls at the most inopportune times... like when I'm running for my life in an epic laser tag battle
5. paint ball is fun except for the fact i used a co2 gun in mosqueto infested land so i have been eaten alive
42. Segways own
666. everyone speeds like we were driving by a cop car going 70 on a 45 road (the cop was driving at the same speed we were)
Q. there are no mountains (i couldn't find west and had a nervous breakdown for the woods battle because i couldn't find my way out)
that's about it
still getting this posting thing down
feel free to correct any mistakes in grammar (this should keep James busy for a while)



chickenboy said...

The 7th floor thing. It is the same thing in ANY BUILDING. The are a few (like 3) here in cs, and they don't have 7th floors either.

shadowoftruth said...

really now because i'm pretty sure they do it with 13 not 7... though that might of been vegas

Vampi. said...

You sure do like lists dont you...

shadowoftruth said...

what ever gave you that idea? and yes i do enjoy a good list coated in chocolate and honey