Sunday, August 31, 2008

A central theme follows me in school

I have to ask/tell/anoy some of you with this because I am bored tonight, and can't get to sleep, and because I am bored. Mainly the bored part.

McCain recently chose a Vice President that I personaly belive will *possibly* win him the election. Mainly because I belive he will die 6 months after he gets elected and she will get to take over. *and there was much rejoicing*

Anyway, Palin is from Alaska, which pretty much says she is a republican. Pro-gun anti-abortion. She also has 5 kids. Her oldest is in a military (goes to Iraq at some point) and her youngest has aids or something (it's actualy down syndrum, but who cares). Thats a pretty wide spectrum. She is also a hands on drillin for oil kinda gal, with more experiance then Obama (like thats hard to achieve) but less time in Washington then the no name senater from Deleware (did PA take a dump?) . She is the first Woman to be selected as part of a ticket for the republicans, she hunts, went to a christian school, plays the flute, Plays a mean game of hockey, and essentialy hits most major Republican and lots of Democratic hot spots. About the only people who don't like her are:

Democratic Californians living with their gay lovers who had their legs shot off by crazy abortion hating rublicans. And Moose, which she apparently hunts/eats in hamburgers made from Moose meat. Which doesn't make any sence, but was reported constently anyway. If it is a hamburger then its made with BEEF. You have to call it a Mooseburger is it's made with moose....stupid fucking news reporting doouche hobo gay faggot monkey ball holding stupids. Gosh.


Liberal Atheist said...

You and Rush Limbaugh have something in common - believing that being mayor of a town of 6000 and governor of Alaska for 18 months makes her more qualified than Barack Obama, who represented Chicago in the Illinois State Senate (sponsoring 600+ bills there) and the state of Illionois in the United States Senate since 2006.

Cap'n_Jack said...

For once (ONCE!!) I must agree with whitey here. McCain's big point is how Obama doesn't have much experience, then picked some chick nobody has ever heard of ever who was the mayor of a small town in fucking Alaska, whose foreign policy experience consists "of lvinign in Alaska, which is next to Russia", or whatever retarded ass cunt quote someone important said about her. I've even seen it argued that she's the worst VP candidate ever. EVER!! So if he wins McCain the election, I'm moving to fucking Australia, where everybody's drunk and has a fucking awesome accent while drunk. Did I mention drunk?

chickenboy said...

Both of you need to shut up. Why in the world would someone running vice need to have foreign policy experiance. And it isn't "for once" you ALWAYS agree with James.
Direct quotes from previus comments in the blog.

"I agree w/ the white Irish kid. I wasn't being offensive"

"I rarely agree with James, but this time hes actualy right"

"I love sucking on the ass of fluffy white male sheep on mondays after school"

Ok, the last one wasn't a direct quote (although it could have been percieved that way) the first two were DIRECT quotes from you Jack.

again, she is vice. The way you pick a vice is to pick up on points you don't already have yourself. If he already has foreign policy and experiance, then no he doesn't ahve to pick someone with those qualities. Jack, wanna talk about someone unknown? you couldn't even tell me the correct state that Obamas vice came from. Plus, she wasn't Mayor she was Govener. It's the diffrence between a city and a state. Alaska is a state. Stupid.

I lost all my hope, and all the change I need is in my pocket. Unless your talking about my underwhear, in which case It does need change.

shadowoftruth said...

oi shafo you do relize that she is running for president under the pretence of vp because macain is going to bite it any miniute now. and as for obama... yea... if either canandit wins i'm going to move to australia with cap'n jack till the world ends in a nuclear war whilsn't i sing cristmas jingles

Liberal Atheist said...

I'm sorry, I made an error. He didn't sponsor 600 bills in the Illinois legislature. He actually introduced 800 bills there. While in the U.S. Senate, of course, while running for President, he worked "across the aisle", as it will be put for the next three months, to help secure loose nukes, among the other 100 bills he's championed.

Loose nukes is more important than the bridge to Ketchikan, which is the most important thing Sarah Palin has worked on. (Besides the deer and moose she's worked on with her rifles. I'm sure they were all in self-defense. It's kill or be killed by the dangerous moose in Alaska.) And if the 70+ Johnny Mac can't fulfill his duties as President, which is likely, given how the Presidency ages people, then the Miss Pretty Little NRA Member will be in charge of 300 million people. At least she can't be any worse than Dick Cheney.

Bishopk said...

Hi guys! Alaska native here.
Sarah Palin represents the most national press Alaska has ever gotten (besides the Pipeline).

If you'd ever been to Ketchikan, you'd know how important that bridge is. That being said, I spent 4 hours of my life there. It rained.

Her executive experience is the important matter here. While Obama was a legislator, Palin actually ran a state (the greatest state, btw).

She dealt with our corrupt state government, too.
Frank Murkowski, who was governor while I lived there, was a corrupt man. Upon his inauguration, he resigned his Senate seat and appointed his daughter, Lisa Murkowski, in his place.

Obama, a legislator, may not be ready to lead this country. In fact, John McCain is a legislator too. But hey, Alaska is going to have the biggest presidential recognition since they named Denali after that one guy. I'm happy about that.

Cap'n_Jack said...

Oy, she was mayor then governor. Maybe. But therecould have been mayorishness in there. The other two times don't count, I was under heavy medication of the illegal kind. Like now. Wait......ah well. And didn't I specify that I don't care? I was just explaining why I might move this november so none of you ask me about it. And she could be worse than Cheney: he was hunting pheasant, she hunts moose. If she shoots somebody, they'll get their head blown off instead of getting some birdshot lodged in their cheek.

chickenboy said...

Yes, but Mister dick was an exception, not the rule. Not everyone who hunts deliberatly shoots there hunting mates in the face.

James, the point of being a president/vp (official) is not to spend the maximum possible time in washington or sponser the most possible bills you can in the lowest amount of time that you can (contrary to popular belife), it is to approprietly run the country. Furthermore, the vp president doesn't even have to do that (well, not untill after McCain dies anyway), she is just there right now to help mister McCain get into office so that HE can run the country approprietly.

Cap'n_Jack said...

And THEN die

chickenboy said...

Yes, and then die.