Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Faggots are U!

With the first day of school under our belts I am forced to give everyone some words of wisdom...

1) Country music is. Just get used to it.

2) Wine glasses are a thing every person in the world needs to deal with on their own time. Belive me I have experiance. Besides, it's obvious.

3) Whats the diffrence between teachers and hippo toungues? They both are huge and covered in saliva. Except for the teachers (unless your talking about a certain fat swimming teacher that everyone hates-code name Hister harzecky).

4) Bald band teachers suck when they hate you. I hate you back bald band teacher.

5) English is boring and repetative. You never actualy learn anything new, the same ole' stuff justs gets harder each year. Actualy, not even harder, just longer. We are writing the same old paper about the same old shit. This time I have to say the same thing in 8 pages instead of 2.

6) If your still reading this nonsence then you have no life. I know I don't because my most exciting class today was A.P. Europian History. Yea, and because I can't spell euro apparently. Bishop, go back annd edit that word to be betterer then it is now. It is wrong now. Oh, and not right. So make it right.

7) If you give a man a fish, he will eat for a day. If you give him a cow he'll eat for a week, maybe more!


Vampi. said...

ROFL!! That was cute.... totally need to originals up though xD
Bish said you were uploading videos soo yeah... totally gotta share..
I sorta made it to the party this time though!! Was fun... I really want to play Star Fox now x_x

And NO, I'm not one of your teachers... where and who the heck came up with THAT brilliant theory.. I DID send you guys a picture... James? was the only one other than bish who saw it though... failure

Cap'n_Jack said...

Whaa.....? Oh......are you that one chick? That's really specific, but still. Or I could be going slightly mad. Either or. Ah, good times. Sean, the porn was behind the rotating wall in my room. Fuck, weren't you listening? Overall good party, not as good as the other one, but it wasn't an allnighter, so yeah.

Vampi. said...

Geez what do I gotta do to prove I'm really real and "that one chick".
Short, red hair. green halter dress. Pale skin. Blue eyes.

Matt was talking to me in spanish. Which I don't understand because I failed spanish about 4 times.
James said hi to me. Did Larry ever get poked?

You have a rotating wall?!

chickenboy said...

God freaking damnit. I hate this board, as of 27 second ago. You can't use a video for your avatar/icon/picture. FUCK. Check out this SWEET icon that I used to use a LONG time ago (like 2006, so not that long [but long enough that it took me forever to find {by forever I mean 2 hours, with distractions}])

That really anoys me though. A lot, like the opposite of a little.

And yes, it is 2:30 in the morning.

chickenboy said...

Guys, I'm deleting this post tomorrow before I go to school (or after I get home from school if I forget). I think that having anyone in the world knowing what we look like might be a mistake. esspecialy because of what Queen Jake did.

Cap'n_Jack said...

Aww, but then the world can't see my beautiful hair. Ah well.

Vampi. said...

You guys are lucky I don't know which one is which... I DO know that it's Matt humping James (bish said so) He had some serious dog butt-scootin' going on there :P

Queen Jack??

Bishopk said...

Hey, update: I've been waitlisted for the Obama tickets. If you want to come, let me know at least ahead of time. You'll drive.