Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Jeopardy in Hawaii

Registration / Party time.
Well, today was surprisingly better then it should have been. As some of you may know(everyone), we went to check-in today as planned at 11:15. Somehow, the school's administration got the event planned well enough that we managed to get out of the building before 12:30. That is a shocker, because in freshman year, it took me 3 hours and 45 minutes to get out of the building, and the school started closing boothes before everyone could get through the line. Suckish time. Well we learned a few things while we waited in line.

1) Our school suports steroid usage and smoking (as witnessed on the front cover of our REQUIRED planners with a smoking musclular mascott)
2) The school hates me. It does any/everything it can to seperate me from my friends
3) Marc is part giraffe
4) James is so white that we could send his school picture in for a front cover picture on a Daniel Shan novel

Afterwords we went over to Tony's house and played Brawl (shocker), Halo and Rock band (we learned James and I can't sing. Period. Excalamation point). Several of us blatently lied to our parental units. Oh, and James, Jack, and I rode illegaly over to Tony's house in Jacks piece of crap car. Good times.

Last bit, Jack ask your parents for that party. If you can't then I can ask mine, but only if you people bring gaming sytems. I don't have any. Soooo yea.


Liberal Atheist said...

This all depends on your definition of illegal. If your definition is "against the law", then yes, what we did is definitely illegal. We may also have broken several neighborhood sound ordinances. (We should have blared White and Nerdy.)

Also, all our lockers are right next to each other. Except for one locker in between all of us. That poor guy. And that's where we should meet at access/lunch, by the way.

Vampi. said...

What's this?! A moderately sensibly structured school system?! I KNEW something was missing in my life....

I wish you all the best of luck this year. You're gonna need it.

chickenboy said...

No no no. We THOUHT that we had 4/5 lockers ina row. Turns out that the school looked at how much fun I was having with you guys, so it decided to brake my locker and move me down the hallway to a locker nowhere near you. Fuck the school.

James, what is your definition of illegal? I thought your the definition was The only the definition. Bohmian rhapsody is almost as bad as white and nerdy anyway.

Thank you Vampi, we will need it.

shadowoftruth said...

I'm back from hawaii which owned but paradice is kinda boring i dove off a cliff and stuff so who remembered me and who am i locker parterning with? didn't you find out we cant sing when we tried the titanic song?

chickenboy said...

Marc is your locker partner...duh. Your always together. The Titanic thing was a group fail, we just found out that we fail individualy as well.