Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Hobby

Shooting insurgents in the balls.

Battlefield 2: The Complete Collection is one of the foremost military simulations available to young, impressionable Americans today. Featuring post-Gulf War era weaponry and vehicles, the fast-paced game forces players to disobey the direct orders of their commanding officers, get shot, and immediately blame their commanding officers.

In short, an absolutely kickass game.

Except, of course, the political situations that supposedly led to war. Seriously, guys? War for oil? The Bush Administration totally bled that plotline dry five years ago. Get more creative! Why not a war for democracy? Nobody's tried that one yet, and I can say that with a straight face because George Bush is a liar, Clinton called his "police actions", Reagan and Bush 41 gave arms to terrorists, not democratic activists, Carter was a pussy, Ford was a retard, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon were fighting to stop the spread of Communism, not spread democracy, Roosevelt - well, Roosevelt, maybe, but that was 70 years ago, before oil was a big thing - Hoover, Coolidge, and Cleveland presided over peaceful eras of economic expansion for America and poverty for the rest of the world, and Wilson was a racist.

Whew. There's my unsubstantiated attack for the month.


Vampi. said...

O_O wow... just... wow.


shadowoftruth said...

The following statement is true.

you forget... eisenhower just wanted to nuclear ass rape everyone expect his own people... i do to but nobody would elect me under the we like Ike slogan... BTW did you know that IB was created for future world leaders... I CALL RUSSIA AND MADAGASCAR... yea well 2142 is a war about land after we all fuck everything up again. yea fun stuff. clinton was to busy getting it on to really care about other people including hillary.

The previous statement is false.