Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Summary - English

So as many of you know by reading my posts i am not very good with english. So why am i taking English HL (the hardest english offered at the school)? BECAUSE THE SCHOOL BOARD IS A BUNCH OF DAMN COCK SUCKING MOTHER FUCK HYPROCRITS. they say that you should take IB HL based on what you are good at and not for friends or because you like the teachers they repeated that to us many many times. However they force you to take english higher level (this is not an IB descision this is just the School board....) So all IB students had to write an essay over the summer and turn it in on the first day. When i got my essay back to look at (the teacher needs them still) it said DO NOT WASTE MY TIME on it from the teacher because my essay sucked so bad... anyway now i have a poetry project where i have to define 20 someodd words off poetry that i have never seen before.

disclaimer - sean appoligizes for the lack of funny in this post all the funny was sucked out of my by life. please enjoy this rant instead


Vampi. said...

-sighs- Oh just WHAT has the educational system come to... People expecting you to try harder and excell! People pushing you for success! Oh the indignity! Oh the horror! Oh whatEVER shall we do!!!

Hopefully that makes up for lack of humor >.>

chickenboy said...

They aren't trying to make him succede...there wern't any helpful hints on his paper, no referances as to where he could get help. Not even WHAT in particular was wrong with the "essay." Pssh school board, always telling us were stupid and calling me a lesbian that one time...

On a completly related note, Sean you know the essay sucked because you put -3 effort into that thing. Hence why I put the word "essay" in quotes in the paragraph above. It was a piece of crap, and if you try you'll do just fine in that class.