Saturday, August 23, 2008


Who the hell is Joe Biden?


chickenboy said...

Joe Bidden was chosen for reasons of blue collar relations and geographic key states. Other then that, no one really knows. I think he is a senator for Delaware. What does that really mean though...I mean come on, only 7 people voted for him.

Cap'n_Jack said...

I've decided for a few minutes to get back into politiks. Just for a bit. Apparently Biden's a senator from Illinois. Obama picked him because he's mean and nasty. In a speech he verbally hung, drew, and quartered McCain. It was apparently beastly. So that'll be fun. Aaaaaaaand now I don't care anymore. Fuck the warmongering white Republicans and the pussy elitist democrats. Fuck them all in the ass with heavy machinery.

chickenboy said...

Illinois? *cough* wrong *cough*

but apparently right about the bad ass of ness. They think he'll beat the hell out of McCain, but then that will be politicaly incorrect...I mean come on, if your 60 years old you can't beat the hell out of a 900 year old. It's just plain wrong.

Liberal Atheist said...

Joseph Biden is the senior senator from the state of Delaware. (The "GREAT STATE" of Delaware, while on the campaign trail.)

He's been a senator since he was a young man and has lots of foreign policy experience.

If you're drawing parallels between him and Dick Cheney, specifically, that they're both Washington insiders with foreign policy experience, keep in mind that Biden wasn't the head of the committee appointed to select the VP for Obama, but Cheney was for Bush. Also, Cheney is Satanspawn.

The propaganda machine is already rolling against him. It's easy, though, because he was one of the candidates for the Democratic nomination, so there's already mud to sling.

I hope this fills Bishop's demand that I post on the blog this weekend.

Cap'n_Jack said...

See? I don't give a fuck about Joe Biden. But if McCain wins, it's been decided that my family is moving to Australia. I didn't get a say because I never do, but there you are.