Monday, August 25, 2008


OMFG, an opposition leader is speaker of parliament in Zimbabwe! Mugabe's gotta be pissed.

The link, if you didn't already see it, is I like the BBC, they're pretty accurate and they're not owned by a giant faceless corporate hegemon.

But OMFG, the MDC has the speaker of parliament position! of course, Zanu-PF still controls the Senate, and the Dicta -- cough, Presidency. Still, though, a move for freedom in a country wh --

Oh, two MDC MPs were arrested? Okay, a shuffle for freedom. They're not walking towards it, I guess. Hard to do walk when your legs are bound together. Maybe it's a three legged race for democracy?


chickenboy said...

This is a commedy website...thought I'd help you out, because although a tiny bit of that *might* be taken as sarcastic (a stupid form of comedy that doesn't make anyone laugh), most of it was just your stupid condesending Liberal side of life. Say soemthing that were not tired of hearing you say.

All of this is just constructive critisism. Mean, but helpful.

Cap'n_Jack said...

Yeah, this isn't funny at all. So why would anyone read it? Sacrasm is fine if used correctly, but that usually requires actually talking. Text fails at sarcasm, like you.