Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Guns N Roses: Oh sweet child of mine

Well, if this week was any worse, it would be last week.
My whole week is dragging by REALLY slow. Yesterday shoulda been a friday. My teachers finaly decided to start giving me homework. That wouldn't be so bad, but they all decided at once. I am a horrible procrastinater so I end up sitting here late at night typing essays and finding emperical formuals. Ya know, stuff I'v been doing since I was in seventh grade. It's not that any of the work is hard, it just takes a long time. Is A.P. Euro a hard class? NO but I spend on average like 2 hours working on Ap euro homework. That is if I don't have an essay and 6 additional paragraphs due tomorrow that I have hardly started on. Whoops. I also have physics stuff (that wont take too long though). Plus I'm sposed to read a chapter in a book (with notes on symobols and sticky note stupids), Anatote (no spelling sudgestions) a poem, and...Well thats all that I have due tomorrow. But then the next day comes.
Anyway, can't wait for the weekend. Tony said he might be hosting a party for after knowledge bowl, and hopefully I can sleep in on Sunday. Oh Glorious sleep, how I long for your loving embrace!
Last but not least, I need a club on Mondays. Any of you squares go to an afterschool club on mondays from like...Idk 2:30 ish to 4 ish? That would be nice. I love you all with a fire passion that burns with desire like a million gillion suns. Except James. Your hair scares my desire (the one that burns like a million gillion suns) into a courner at the south east part of the room. It doesn't even look like hair anymore. Your hiding my light so the rest of the world can't experiance it. That is the reason that everyone considers you a dick. Lol, j/k.

There are plenty of other reasons to call James a dick.


Cap'n_Jack said...

Dude, fencing is Mondays and Wednesdays 2:30 till 4. That is, if you can stand physical activities. But still.

chickenboy said...

Well fencing costs money. plus I'm busy on wednesdays, as you know.

Vampi. said...

They assign far too much busy work to students these days. They need to tone it down a bit... no, a lot.

What's up with James' hair and why is it scaring you?

Wth am I saying, I don't even know what James looks like >,<

Liberal Atheist said...

It's really not as bad as everyone's been saying. The problem is, it's a bowl cut, because I wasn't paying much attention. In a couple of weeks it'll be where it always was - that is to say, eye level.

Of course, the bangs were cut so short, even though I specifically asked to be left a certain length, that there's a certain wig-like appearance to my hair.

chickenboy said...

Everybody has been saying it. what isz the likely hood that everyone else is wrong and james is right? 0% likely.

Anyway, his hair is KINDA like a bowl, but it is like one of those stupid bowls that elementry school kids make, because one side is way shorter then the other, and he has red hair. On top of that, for some reason the hair doesn't lie flat on his head, so you can actualy look up inside of his hair. In short, the new James scares puppies and old people even more then the old James did

Vampi. said...

xD hey now, there's nothing wrong with red hair. >.>

The bowl cut on the other hand... yeaaaaah... You know you have to literally direct the people who cut your hair or they'll do it the way they want to.

But... At least your hairdresser didn't scare you out of the chair, mid hair-cut, explaining to you how the pregnant lady on the other end of the store should NOT have dyed her hair that color and that they had told her that and she wouldn't listen and she has to go to divorce court tomorrow for a custody battle over her 2 year old kid. And at least that pregnant lady didn't come over and start yelling at her mother, who was also the same person cutting your hair, and start ranting and raving about how she's 18 years old and she can make her own choices about her appearance and that its her(the hairdresser's) fault that she(the preggo lady) turned out this way.

True story.

chickenboy said...

I'm sorry for your loss?

Red hair is perfectly fine. James' red, bowl-like, hair isn't. It wouldn't look quite as bad is it were, oh I don't know, brown bowl-like hair. Which is why I mentioned it.

Vampi. said...

Not my loss, my mother's which makes the story 10x better in my opinion. A 45-year-old lady trying to get her hair cut for a job interview and BAM! White trash drama xD

Well, it depends on his skin tone really. Based on stereo-typing, red-heads are normally fair skinned with a pinking undertone... Normally brown hair is best with yellow undertoned skin. The red hair balances out the the red in the complextion and makes it a complete image...