Monday, September 29, 2008

Hey, funny stuff plz

Since there haven't been enough funny posts lately, I feel as though we might be alienating our fan base. Dave the Reaper will be coming in September, I promise.

Jeff Robertson was eight years old when he first killed. A tribe of Ral'dark had sprung a trap on his family as they traversed the desert, and it was his duty to save his parents from becoming food. He did not do so.
His brother, P. Dackle Robertson, famed adventurer and door-to-door salesman, heard the news from a passing butterfly and managed to reach the tribe just as his older brother began his attack. P. Dackle, always the hero, kept his brother from foolishly attacking a rival clan, while simultaneously sending psychic strikes to their leader's mind.
This act made Jeff pretty angry. He wanted to be the hero for once! He punched P. Dackle in the chest and raced into the forest. P. Dackle had no time for silly games, so he searched out the tribe leader to put an end to the fighting and win back his parents.
P. Dackle wagered his life for his parents in a game of ChessX. The Ral'dark won, and P. Dackle was tied to a tree and taunted. Jeff returned to see the tribe in chaos. Each member thought he or she was entitled to an entire left flank, while the leader kept them all for himself. In anger, Jeff Robertson killed the entire Ral'dark tribe with his mind.
He then ate his parents. Somehow, P. Dackle Robertson escaped, and is looking to avenge the death of his parents. If you know anything about Jeff Robertson, call (719) 994 - 8655.


Vampi. said...

Why does everyone keep forgetting to include aliens taking over the world in their posts...

BTW Bish, can I get an extension on the killing of my unborn children until I feel well enough to actually have humor? kkthxbai

Kyle said...

P. Dackle, I'm on your side!

chickenboy said...

*cough* It's October *cough* You promised us some Dave the Reaper!!! You lying bucket of alien scum!!! I am ready to rape the next Dave/the/Reaper/quiz, and I have been patiently waiting and it hasn't come (that's with an 'o' and an 'e') for me yet! I hate you with and extreme and firey passion. So please give us some Reaper before I pee myself.

P.S. I don't really hate you, I love you. No homo.