Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Hate Rush Limbaugh

I don't just hate HIM, obviously. He's a lying, drug-addled, hypocritical douchebag, but he's not the only one. There's a ton of people just like him.

Bill Kristol, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity (especially), Brit Hume, those racists on Fox and Friends, etc.

There's their perpetuation of the myth of the liberal media bias. There is a liberal media, obviously. It's called NPR and PBS. Mainstream, corporate-owned media like ABC, NBC, and CBS isn't heavily biased in one direction or the other (except ABC, being owned by Disney, may lean towards happy endings), and their reporters try to be objective. If certain stories seem liberally biased, then they're very sorry and they're going to have Newt Gingrich on the show tomorrow, and they won't even ask him any questions.

The only person in the media who really tried to honestly debate politicians and media figures was Tim Russert. Even he didn't try to argue with Dick Cheney when he came spouting lies about nuclear bombs and weapons of mass destruction and ties to al-Qaeda. Tim's dead. R.I.P. Other than him, everybody throws softballs in mainstream media.

Shameless hypocrisy. If you saw Wednesday's The Daily Show, I don't have to cover this. And I'll assume you did. Otherwise, I can't reach you.

Inaccuracy and intellectual dishonesty. There's too many cases and I can't cover everything, but the gist of it is, Fox News and talk radio basically employ people to screw with statistics until they become favorable. If they don't, it sure as hell seems like it. For instance, a very small part Sean Hannity's recent tirade against Barack Obama's "negativity" and "denial of the facts" : "unemployment is lower than the average of the past four decades". I hate to insult his intelligence, because then I'm insulting the Irish people.

Let me fix that problem. Sean, I hereby disown you. You're no longer qualified to be Irish. Run to your Saxon lords, you slime. (Actually, Rupert Murdoch is Australian, so that's slightly inaccurate.)

Back to that juicy tidbit - nobody measures how they're doing now to how they were doing forty years ago. Especially not if they weren't in the workforce forty years ago. People compare their present status to how they were doing under the last president or two, and under that standard, Clinton's huge economic successes, which Hannity even denies the existence of, make Bush look like a bumbling idiot who can't count the money he has, let alone the money we owe to other countries.

Believe me, there's other examples. I can't cover everything. All you need is a neoconservative newspaper (I suggest The Weekly Standard), some time, and the internet (along with the skills to recognize trustworthy sites).

You know what? That's enough. I'll rant more later.


Vampi. said...

-gives you cotton candy-

Lighten up dude...just take a nice deep breath, release it, and relax. Be a kid. It's fun to be a kid you know. We get to do fun things...
Like kill things on video games... yes... killing things...
-wanders off into another room-

shadowoftruth said...

but but i'm not irish why am i being disowned i'm a lazy Spaniard please dont disown me

Liberal Atheist said...

Sean Hannity, not you, Rivera. His delightful *cough cough hack* visage graces Fox News' Hannity and Colmes and Hannity's America. He also has his own radio show.

shadowoftruth said...

ah ok then anyone that does fox news deserves to be disowned or at least shot... I call the semi automatic

Cap'n_Jack said...

Fuck you Spanish bitch, we pirates owned your ass. So go to hell you cunt.

chickenboy said...

I remember a long time ago when James was equaly hateful to both sides. Remeber freshman year when he would take turns debating with himself. Everyone else just though he was going crazy, but I thought it was funny (and I thought he was going crazy). Somewhere his liberal mother got to him more then his sensable father and he started turning to the dark side of the force (aka liberalism). He used to (belive it or not) be an independent. Or so he claimed.

Now in reference to your stupidity. SHUT THE FUCKING HELL UP! Everyone in the WHOLE FUCKING WORLD knows that Fox news is right side propaganda. Everyone ALSO knows that EVERY OTHER MAJOR NEWS SHOW is left side (except James apparently). Does every person related to news in any way suck eggs. Well, yes. Do some suck more then others. Yea. It also depends on your personal bias. Now get your stupid fat head out of the clouds and stop watching Fox if it angers you THAT much. I try to watch about equal portions of both sides of the news, just so that I can try to create a semi-informed oppinion (then I pee on it when I post online and I take the RIGHT side. Yes that word right has two purposes in that sentence. You, apparently aren't sensible enough to do that, so just go watch some CBS. Or go to that stupid lying website about stop that smear or whatever...Douche.

Liberal Atheist said...

First of all, I'm not going to reference your recent hunting trip. Nope. Killing animals for sport has nothing to do with this, unless I made some fantastical stretch like "raised testosterone", so I'll leave it out.

Okay, I'm amazed you still think, which has such pearls of wisdom as "Barack Obama is not a Muslim", "Barack Obama doesn't hate America", and "Barack Obama isn't going to raise your taxes unless you make more than a quarter of a million every year", is a "stupid lying website".

I don't watch Fox News. My dad listens to right wing talk radio, and I listen to it by association. That is worse, because they don't have to maintain a facade of objectivity. I also read the Gazette's opinion page. I do this so I can get both sides of the story, which you simultaneously claim you do and tell me I should stop doing.

The mainstream media's reporters are liberal. And their editors are conservative. And their corporate overlords are conservative. This ends up making the news mostly objective, except in the case of CNN. And even in the case of CNN, they hire some conservative correspondents (much like Fox hires liberals, but unlike Fox, they don't shout down the opposition and belittle their policies.)

Also, your comment displays one of the best cases of right-wing anger I've ever seen.

chickenboy said...


NO they aren't objective. By definition news can't be objective.

Obviously Obama doesn't hate america, thats obviously not the part of the website thats lying. Get a new "proof." Just because one thing a website says isn't lying doesn't mean the entire website is compeltly truthfull.

Yes, I do it, because I can handle it. Obviously if it make you THAT angry then you shouldn't do it. Thats all I'm saying. You have an I-pod, so no, you don't HAVE to listen to the radio when with your dad.

Oh, and I repeat, Cnn is not the only left side news show. Pbs (like you stated), Msnbc, Cbs, etc. are left side. Pretty much everyone except Fox.

Liberal Atheist said...

Mostly objective. About the news that they do cover. If you think most mainstream media is liberal -,0,6802141.story - which says that a study found that the "mainstream liberals" were harder on Barack Obama than on John McCain. The big thing the article says is that really, the media is harder on longtime politicians and frontrunners than it is on newcomers. Now Obama's a front runner, and they're clamping down on him. Yes, he got 3 times as much coverage as McCain, but most of that coverage was far from glowing.

Also, MS-NBC just fired Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann, their two flagship liberals.

PBS and NPR are liberal because they're basically government programs, surviving on government funds from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and private donations. Being liberal is really their lifeline.

Please go to and tell me where it lies. I can't refute your lies about lies if you won't clarify that.

I can't listen to my iPod and have other electronics on in the background. It's just a huge distraction.

chickenboy said...

I have already pointed out the lies in a previes post, but let me find some more so you will leave me alone and stop broadcasting it as a credable site.

"Barack Obama’s campaign canceled an originally private visit (no media) to wounded troops in Germany to avoid politicizing our soldiers during his campaign-funded trip in Germany."

What the hell? How do you politisize troops (wounded ones) without media? Even on the off chance that those poor poor troops would become politisized (oh what a horrible fate) I think it would be pretty nice for him to have shaken the hand of some of the troops that were waiting outside his plane in line, or visited the aforementioned wounded. He claims that republicans would have critisized him for visiting the troops. WHO CARES? Critism shouldn't stop you from doing the right thing. Essentialy, that's not really the reason he didn't cist those troops. It's a load of bs.

"An Army officer’s negative e-mail account of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s visit with the troops in Afghanistan that set the blogosphere ablaze prompted Army officials to correct aspects of the e-mail and resulted in a statement from the message’s author that “some of the information that was put out in my e-mail was wrong.”

Sounds to me like the Army, not the person was correcting the e-mail. SURE there are plenty of pictures of him shaking hands with... the same three people. No pictures of him shaking hands with the line of troops waiting for him.

"SMEAR: An email claims that Barack Obama wants to tax your home, IRA, & even your water.
A rapidly spreading email is tricking thousands—if not millions—of Americans with outrageous lies and misrepresentations about Barack Obama's tax policies.

TRUTH:Barack Obama wants the tax code to favor honest, hard-working people, and he has proposed a $1,000 tax cut for middle class families."

Wow, do much money! 1000 whole dollars? Middle class? What defines middle class? Where is he getting the extra money?

Wait? Us. He's getting it from us who live in the semi-uppermiddle class part of america? Middle class is a pretty vauge term, but we aren't in it James. Good luck with that one.

Barack Obama is a Muslim.

Senator Obama has never been a Muslim, was not raised as a Muslim, and is a committed Christian. Further, this myth perpetuates unfortunate falsehoods about the Muslim-American community that are offensive to people of all faiths."

OOO! thats good proof you proivde there. Lemmy prove the earth isn't round. "The earth is square and never has been round, anyone who says it is lying"

HAH! proof! Oh, and btw/fyi *psst* hes father was a muslim and raised him as such.

Now, are most of them on there reasonable? Sure, most of the "lies" on the website are things like "Obama hats america!" Which, obvisouly isn't true.

I'm going to stop arguing about the news media, because you can't be reasoned with. Everyone else knows they are liberal except you. Naiveity can't be reckoned with.

Liberal Atheist said...

"Originally private" means it became public. His trip was campaign-funded, which means that, rather than soldiers "spontaneously" showing their support for him, as they did with President Bush, he would be showing support for the soldiers. In a twisted way that barely makes sense, and then only if you squint really hard, that's politicizing the troops. Or, maybe he didn't want to have to bother the wounded (read: amputee/disabled and recovering) soldiers with the throng of reporters.

The last statement in that quote was the AUTHOR of the message and yet you say that it sounds like the Army and not the author is correcting the message? And who's going to look at Obama shaking hands with every single soldier in a line? Do you think he didn't do that? Do you think he just said "Okay, shook hands with the first three guys. I'm outta here!"?

He's not getting money from the semi-upper-middle-class. He's getting money from those who make $250k or more per year - before you say "THAT'S UPPER MIDDLE", that's actually less than %3 of all Americans. Good luck arguing points about a tax plan you haven't even looked at.

His father was a Muslim. His mother was a Christian. His father WENT BACK TO KENYA AFTER HE WAS BORN. They saw each other ONCE before his father died in a car accident.

"raised him as a muslim"? He didn't raise him at all! How further from the truth could you get? I guess you'd have to start going into other religions to get into any more of a baseless claim - that shouldn't matter anyways. Who cares what religion the President is? Oh, right, evangelicals. My bad.

I'm "naive" and "can't be reasoned with". Do you want to refute the study's findings in the article I mentioned? I even posted the URL if you want to read it. It's in the LA Times, which I guess could be liberally biased, but you'd have to read it to find out, instead of assuming that you have to be right because O'Reilly and Fox News told you so. They're Fair and Balanced! They Report, You Decided Based On Their Conclusions!

chickenboy said...

This is so stupid, first of all, even YOU had to "squint to make sence of it." AND it never became public untill he decided not to do it anymore, and since when had publicity been a bad thing for obama? thats what the whoe trip was about. AND NO REPORTERS WERE ALOUD! so no, the troops wouldn't be botherd by reporters.

Yes, my point about the message was it sounds more like the Army was making him say that "some parts" of the message were untrue, though apparently not all of it. Didn't sound like a very sure "it was all lies".

Yea, I do think that he shook the hands of about the first three people in line, because I have a friend who was in that line.

The point I was trying to make is
A) it's a plan subject to change (that is what he supports, change)
B) that 1000 dollars is less then what bush offered us this year, obviously it made a big diffrence *sarcasm*. 1000 dollars isn't that much.

Well, that last part was hypocritical, Mr. "I wouldn't like hukabee because he is a big christion" Also, he moved to Conneticut, when obama was 2 years old (not before he was born), then didn't move back to kenya until a year after that.
Direct quote from Obama "In our household the Bible, the Koran, and the Bhagavad sat on the shelf alongside books of Norse and Greek mythology....dragged me to the buddhist temple."

He claims to be a devout christion...that makes fun of the bible.

I said news was liberal, I didn't comment on how they talked about Obama, I'm talking about regular old news. Btw, old news, Obama isn't liberal. He is a Democrat. There is a diffrence.

And yes, we have already determined (way back in the begining) that fox is bias. Oh, and iun case you missed it, I DON'T JUST LISTEN TO FOX!

Liberal Atheist said...

Fuck this. I'll argue with you at school. The topics are

1) Obama visiting the troops
2) A lie spread by an Army officer
3) Whether or not Obama shook hands with everyone in a line
4) Obama's tax plan
5) Whether or not Obama is a Christian
5a) Whether Christians should be able to spell the word Christian
6) Liberal media bias

chickenboy said...

Question isn't whether he IS christion (and no, I don't HAVE to be able to spell it, the only important part is christ), it is whether he has christion values.

Other then that, sure lets argue sometime...

Bishopk said...

I can comment too!

Vampi. said...

I haven't read a word you boys have said but....

-starts singing- Why can't we be friends oh why can't we be friends-/singing-

Yeah all this political hoo haa is all so serious.. why so serious?!

Isnt this supposed to be a funny place?