Sunday, September 7, 2008

My trip though memory lane

So, I went hunting. Saterday morning my dad bagged cow. So we through it in the back of my grandpas pickup, dropped it off at the butchers and went home. I had the rest of my weekend to fill, so what did we do?

We went to the scottish highland festival in estes park!!! It's where my mom and sister were already, and since our hunting weekend was over, we joined them. This is how the weekend went....*the screen fuzzzies out and there is some sort of chimes playing*

We walked into the park and listened to some tradetianal scottish music...wait, there is no bass, fiddle, drum set or electric guitar in scottland 1000 ad. Hmmm, somthing is the matter.
We continue our journey past the food tents. Wow, pancakes and surope (sp). Didn't know that came from scottland *cough* it didn't *cough* Oh GOOD! Kilts, that HAD to come from scottla...Fuck, made in china. Surprise! We then preceded to watch a commedy show, where he centered a big portion of his show around a CHINESE yoyo. At least he had red hair, that counts for something. Oh, and he had the best t-shirt ever on. It said "red hair, not nice people".
We listened to a seamus kennedy (scottish name anyway) sing Old Mcdonnald (a really peverted version). We watched Dogs catch frisbies...not from scottland.

In all reality it was mainly a scottish.Irish festival. We watched some cool scottish games....and some other stuff. Then we came home. *and there was much rejoicing because matther got home safe*

Dne. <<<-----It's end backwards *oh shafo, your so clever* Did I over use the *'s? Maybe. NAH! you cant over use *'s. Maybe I should stop typing since I typed dne a while ago. oh well.


chickenboy said...

Yes, I relize that I put two t's in every single one of those scotlands. I'm not sure why, but nobody needs to correct me, I'm aware of the problem and I'm seeing a profesional for help.

Vampi. said...

Spelling edits:
Traditional. something. Syrup. Comedy

I miss the highland games. They're fun. I always thought the caber tosses were fun. I'll have to find out when the next one is... hmm..