Sunday, September 14, 2008

Parties at Tony's House

People slept! And it was organized! What the hell? I'm playing Rock Band with everyone, and all three of them (Tony, Marc, Swett) just get up, pick up their sleeping instruments, and walk over to the couches.

Screw that, I said to myself, and how about some one player games? Practice guitar, play a little Assassin's Creed (which is good, but not great. The overarching storyline makes very little sense, and action-wise it's not that different from Prince of Persia, and just as unrealistic physically), get on the computer, play some Spore (Whoa. That game kicks serious evolutionary ass. It's not really realistic, because you don't really evolve body parts, you just slap them on, but it's still a creative, engaging, very replayable game that I'd highly reccommend to anyone with a good enough rig), and just generally dick around while everyone else was sleeping.

It was a good plan, right up until the morning after. Everyone wakes up, "Woo hoo! Okay, let's start packing up! Oo, muffins!"

I'm sprawled in front of the TV, barely alive, with a half-eaten muffin sitting on my lap, trying not to fall asleep.

All in all a good party that Tony should invite more people for next time.


Bishopk said...

I was busy beating Pokemon Platinum, which was relesed in Japan on Saturday. I do not know Japanese. I merely love pokemon that much.

Vampi. said...

I had that happen to me a couple times at sleep-overs with the girls.

Sat up reading manga all night while the chumps snored away.

chickenboy said...

Never going to go to sleep with james near me ever again. When all the other boys went to sleep he started to "dick around."

I was hunting again, so I couldn't go, otherwise I would have. Well, my mom would have created some lame ass excuse for why I could only stay untill 11, then picked me up at 9:15 anyway.