Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Quick! Part 1

Quick! is my new series of really lame, 30 second observations. Today: Sean.

Sean Rivera, apparently in a relationship with Mindy Feng. We all know that Sean is the woman in this relationship. Everyone who has seen them together can tell that Sean flinches erratically when Mindy reaches for his neck or (especially) his knee.
Sean Rivera: Mindy's Bitch, America's Hero.


chickenboy said...

The real question is who has the erection when the pants fall. That would answer ALL questions.

shadowoftruth said...

ok first of all i'm ticklish you all know that and bish you have grabbed my leg to. Also at least i have a girlfriend

Kyle said...

So I definately read the word "erotically" at first. Now I have a shiny new brain scar.

Vampi. said...

Rofl!! Wait, how is Sean 'America's Hero' by being Mindy's bitch?

Bishopk said...

"Also at least i have a girlfriend"
-Sean Rivera, 9/25/2008

Unfortunately, I'm working on that.
(Notice: Important comma placement!)

"Rofl!! Wait, how is Sean 'America's Hero' by being Mindy's bitch?"
-Liz Erickson, 9/25/2008

Because then America (namely, me and the other people) doesn't need to be tortured quite as often.

-Kyle Bishop, 9/26/2008

Anonymous said...

Bishop, since this is the most recent post by you specifically, I thought I'd let you know here: I am spamming your blog.
With spam.
Like this message.


Kyle said...

Oh gasp, it's Jolita!