Sunday, September 21, 2008


So before, Russia was invading Georgia and threatening to kill everybody. But since Russia is now a total pussy, they've done absolutely nothing except go back to their country and sit there, being cold. But now's another chance for us all to die!

Right, so first off, the LHC thing. Yes, we've already talked about this, but I don't give a fucking cock cunt bitch ass piss shit twat assfuck (in that exact order). But it was only a test, so it could still kill everybody. Ooh, and some janitor said one of the cooling units broke, but he siad this a week after they tested it. So who knows if it's gonna fall apart. Considering the LHC's function, it being broken could be bad. Probably not, but fuck you. Then there's the stock market dying, which isn't good. The government is trying to save it by sinking lots of money into it because money solves everything, but it will probably fail, the stock market will crash permanently, and we'll cause an economic spiral that will take out everybody's economy. This will cause desperate times, and desperate times call for desperate measures, usually involving guns, so the world's governments will collapse under mass rebellion. Sweet anarchy will reign, global warming will stop being cared about, we'll get into a waterworld situation, and pirates will rule the world. But we'll still all be dead. Very dead.


Vampi. said...

Jack! You forgot the aliens!!! Honestly! How on Earth could you forget the aliens?!

Here's how it'll go. The world will slowly (maybe slightly faster than slowly... like... a lot slightly) fall into economic ruin and as that is happening, aliens from a very distant galaxy come traveling toward Earth because they were summond by a sound the LCH made that was not hearable to humans or Earth animals. That sound had traveled through space and reached an alien race that could hear it. So, 200-500 years from now, the alien race will appear to answer their summons and find the world in complete and utter chaos, or most likely a desolate wasteland of Jello and conquer the Earth.

And yes, we'll all be dead.
Very dead.

chickenboy said...

And at least before the LHC we had a chnace to thwart the aliens attack, but without god (who was destroyed) we have absolutly no hope for survival.