Saturday, November 15, 2008


I'm not sure what I'm going to write about. I wanted to write a short story or something, but I just don't feel into it. We'll start typing and see where it gets us.

Well, I am obviously sitting at my computer. My homework is sitting next to me. It isn't done (that's stupid, I would never start my homework until long after I'm spose to be in bed). I can hear the T.V. on downstairs. The one my parents/sister listen to at 34/40 volume. I generally try to keep the colume at around 16 when I watch it. I hope to still be able to hear when I'm 20. Obviously I'm listening to music. Nothing to abrupt, just listening to someone scream about his balls. His dances, you pervs. Actually, he is talking about his testicles. Apparently the Broncos are losing their game against the Patriots. Suprise. Oh, now I'm listening to a diffrent band scream about wanting to go home because he is drunk. I know, I don't get the coralation either. The bag pipes are the only thing that keeps that band together. I need something to do between 3-8 on mondays and tuesdays or I will go completly insane. I swear it. SOOO bored. I can't go to the Y, because my rents refuse to let me go. I can't get a job, because they don't think I can keep my grades up if I get a job. I can't do any more clubs (go ahead, try to guess the reason). I get enough homework to keep me busy most nights for about 3 hours...but I get most of it done in classes, and what I don't get done I wasn't going to do anyway. This is probably long enough. I may or may not decide to post it. I'll probly just let it rot in the drafts section.

If you have any unclaimed drafts, like Matt's here, finish them up or delete them.


chickenboy said...

Lmao! I had forgot about this one. I hadn't really planned on posting it (I never did either. The thing at the bottom is a lie. Bishop posted it). I am rather amused at my less mature self. Who am I kidding? This is the me of today. I only wrote it like a month ago.

Vampi. said...

was reading along and when it said "Apparently the Broncos are losing their game against the Patriots." I thought... o.O The Patriots played the Jets on thursday... lol yeah.. v.v I need to finish my alien story draft.. kinda forgot about it. I'll do it.. when I'm in le mood

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