Friday, October 17, 2008

Party (version Bishop.0)

During Party Details:
Tired. James and Marc asleep, so I'm dicking around on the computer. 4:44 AM (no lie.)


Vampi. said...

-kicks you for being so dumb as to put a real address up-

chickenboy said...

I know, right? I got mad at Jack last time for doing that. Apparently we don't learn very fast. What happened to the sleepover Bishop? I can totally be there if it's not a sleepover. Who all is coming? Who did we invite? Do I need to call [insert name of friends I need to call here]?

Vampi. said...

>.> Do you always stalk the blog when I'm stalking the blog or is it just a really really really strange coinky-dink?

Bishopk said...

Matt, let's think about this one. It starts at 7:30 PM and ends at 10:00 AM. That sounds overnight-ish to me.
I'm taking my address down once the party starts, just in case someone needs it. I put it here so people can get it.
You might want to call Marc, Tony, Sean. You and James have all the info.

chickenboy said...

It is just a strange coincidence. I was only on the internet for about 1.5 hours total yesterday. I just happened to see this around 2. I hadn't even noticed that you had posted shortly before me :-0

Sorry, I missed the 'am' somehow Bish...I was stoned by association or something. I also never got back on to check, so I never saw the "call these people" post. Again, I blame the second hand high.