Sunday, November 2, 2008

Another party already?

Yes we are having another party. I know what your thinking "Aren't you guys having to many parties?"


Anyway, so the party is at Sean's house (we hope that's ok, because it's happening whether it's ok or not). either Tony of Marc is bringing rock band (we hope that's ok, because it is happening whether it's ok or not), and everyone is coming (we hope that's ok, because it is happeneing wehter it is ok or not). Friday night, this week. Over night. We have monday and tuesday of next week off, so it is ok!!! YAY! This is the first of 2-3 parties we will have next weekend. Oh, Kappa betta is the next day. We'll work it out though.


chickenboy said...

I lied I'm sorry. I assumed they would give us veterans day off and the online calendar is cryptic. It will have to wait until thanksgiving brake. Sorry guys.

shadowoftruth said...

well thats good its kinda hard to explain how i was invited to a party at my house. depending on when in thanksgiving break you are planning this we might have a horde of my family to deal with

Kyle said...

The multitude of typos in the post and first comment make me angry. Desist.

chickenboy said...

Never. It is apart of my identity. The horrible grammer/spelling ass hole. The one who refuses to change. It's my thing.

Liberal Atheist said...

He's a maverick in his refusal to change.


But, uh. Okay, we could have a night party (not overnight) Friday if you really wanted to.

I'm busy Saturday (Knowledge Bowl, possible Geography field trip, Aravind's birthday party).