Monday, November 10, 2008

The Penis Game

I probably shouldn't still enjoy playing it in the middle of class. By the way, what follows is a you-had-to-be-there synopsis of a humorous situation. By that I mean, you will not find this funny.

But I feel I have to share.

In Spanish today, Emily and I started playing the penis game about an hour into the class. I don't remember who initiated. I do remember that nobody protested, and it just went penis...penis...PENIS...PENIS...penis...penis...PENIS! Then we collapsed into laughter.

Julian turned around and said "Que? O! Penis!" More laughter. Then Jack said "penis!" and I managed to cough out in my laughing fit "PENIS!", before I slumped over the side, crying in laughter.

Senora Gutierrez was TOTALLY OBLIVIOUS. Didn't care. At all. She was just helping other kids with laptops find the websites we were researching at.

Then Madeleine Miles, who is now quite possibly my favorite person ever, looked over, immediately looked straight ahead as though she was working on her laptop, and, just as I righted myself and coughed and got back to work, said "Penis" in a clear, loud voice. And I immediately convulsed again.

I would like to re-emphasive that Senora Gutierrez didn't care about the eruption of laughter taking place in the corner of her room. Until we all started screaming PENIS! Then we got marked down for participation that day, not because we were screaming PENIS in her classroom, but because we said it in English. (She's so cool...)

Immediately following that was a classwide penis game, but in Spanish. "pene. Pene. Pene! PENE. PENE!"


chickenboy said...

I don't think Frau would really care no matter what language we were screaming 'penis' in. I think it must be a characteristic of foreign language teachers.

Who is coming to Subway with us tomorrow? We are meeting Josie there (cuz she got off school for Veterans day...ass hole).

livetrapper13 said...

bishopf has to read this

livetrapper13 said...

now you see it

Vampi. said... dare you defile the nickname I gave Bish with that bullshit?!

Frezeys are mean :(

chickenboy said...

I think it's hilarious. Especially the second example..."But honey, what about my orgasm?"
"I'm just feeling a bit bish bosh"