Sunday, December 7, 2008

Another late conversation... Uhh...well, for those of you who remember this joke...

DrtyLb8 (9:51:59 PM): We should create a iusedtobeawoman or
DrtyLb8 (9:52:23 PM): it shouldn't cost too much
funnyguy3993 (9:52:26 PM): I clicked on the I gunna be scared?
DrtyLb8 (9:52:32 PM): doesn't exist.
funnyguy3993 (9:52:34 PM): HAH! there is nothing there
DrtyLb8 (9:52:54 PM): We should make one...and put up pictures of completely normal women and say "DO YOU THINK SHE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL"
DrtyLb8 (9:52:58 PM): "YOU SHOULD SEE HER PENIS"
DrtyLb8 (9:53:11 PM): this is going to get posted on the blog again


chickenboy said...

[I drink to many beers man voice] Hi, my name is Susan, and I'm from [/I drink to many beers man voice]

We had a lot of fun with that joke...

shadowoftruth said...

yes we did but how long would it take for that to become a bad porno sight