Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Top Ten: Humans

A list of the top ten human beings.

10. Kyle Bishop
An amazing comedian and future president.
9. Will Smith
Actor by day, BAMF by night. Actually, he's always a BAMF.
8. Freddie Mercury
7. Jimmy Wales
Wikipedia creator. Well, Richard Stallman and Larry Sanger helped.
6. Randall Munroe
xkcd creator. There's nothing really to explain here.
5. Galileo Galilei
Ooh, now we're getting to the good ones. Astronomer and all-around BAMF.
4. Garth Brooks
Best singer in the history of ever. Sorry, Freddie.
3. Queen Victoria
(Formerly) the most influential woman in the world. Now dead.
2. Stephen T. Colbert
Comedian, actor, lover. My inspiration. Not much to say here.
1. Brian Williams
Have you ever heard his voice? He's an angel in newscaster form.
Complain away.


chickenboy said...

Chuck Norris? in the way you listed this he would be -10 on the list, correct? With the lowest being the best?

0 is of course Jackie Chan
-1 is the Easter bunny

Cap'n_Jack said...

Several suggestions:
1. Garth Brooks sucks. Period. Fuck Garth Brooks up the ass with the Large Hadron Collider.

2. Elizabeth > Victoria. Elizabeth was the first to do the Queen as Sole Sovereign of England gig. She made a pirate the 2nd in command of the royal navy. She brutally raped Spain, wounding it permanently. She could have killed Shakespeare if she wanted to. Elizabeth wins.

3. Brian Williams, while awesome, is not number one. Maybe like 6 or 7, not one.

4. Where's the pirate love? Sir Francis Drake, who defeated the Spanish armada, circumnavigated the globe, and was more of a BAMF than Will Smith ever will be? Ching Shih, who held China (yes, the country)for ransom and retired richer than all of Europe combined? Nothing? Yet Garth Brooks made it on there? Fuck.

5. I've thought of a better idea: my own top ten people of all time list. Bwahaha.

chickenboy said...

She didn't rape Spain, she was a fly in Spain's eye. Spain raped themselves using the fly, there is a difference. There is no way they could have beaten Spain unless Spain was doing something stupid like...riding against the weather...

WILL SMITH IS UBER!!!!111oneone

Go silly yourself.

livetrapper13 said...

what about Charles Bronson?! best russian actor. EVER!

Vampi. said...

Agreed. Elizabeth is waaaaaay > Victoria.

Switch Will Smith and Garth.

And... you just lost the game.

livetrapper13 said...

curse you marc udall!!!