Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Hate Rush Limbaugh

I don't just hate HIM, obviously. He's a lying, drug-addled, hypocritical douchebag, but he's not the only one. There's a ton of people just like him.

Bill Kristol, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity (especially), Brit Hume, those racists on Fox and Friends, etc.

There's their perpetuation of the myth of the liberal media bias. There is a liberal media, obviously. It's called NPR and PBS. Mainstream, corporate-owned media like ABC, NBC, and CBS isn't heavily biased in one direction or the other (except ABC, being owned by Disney, may lean towards happy endings), and their reporters try to be objective. If certain stories seem liberally biased, then they're very sorry and they're going to have Newt Gingrich on the show tomorrow, and they won't even ask him any questions.

The only person in the media who really tried to honestly debate politicians and media figures was Tim Russert. Even he didn't try to argue with Dick Cheney when he came spouting lies about nuclear bombs and weapons of mass destruction and ties to al-Qaeda. Tim's dead. R.I.P. Other than him, everybody throws softballs in mainstream media.

Shameless hypocrisy. If you saw Wednesday's The Daily Show, I don't have to cover this. And I'll assume you did. Otherwise, I can't reach you.

Inaccuracy and intellectual dishonesty. There's too many cases and I can't cover everything, but the gist of it is, Fox News and talk radio basically employ people to screw with statistics until they become favorable. If they don't, it sure as hell seems like it. For instance, a very small part Sean Hannity's recent tirade against Barack Obama's "negativity" and "denial of the facts" : "unemployment is lower than the average of the past four decades". I hate to insult his intelligence, because then I'm insulting the Irish people.

Let me fix that problem. Sean, I hereby disown you. You're no longer qualified to be Irish. Run to your Saxon lords, you slime. (Actually, Rupert Murdoch is Australian, so that's slightly inaccurate.)

Back to that juicy tidbit - nobody measures how they're doing now to how they were doing forty years ago. Especially not if they weren't in the workforce forty years ago. People compare their present status to how they were doing under the last president or two, and under that standard, Clinton's huge economic successes, which Hannity even denies the existence of, make Bush look like a bumbling idiot who can't count the money he has, let alone the money we owe to other countries.

Believe me, there's other examples. I can't cover everything. All you need is a neoconservative newspaper (I suggest The Weekly Standard), some time, and the internet (along with the skills to recognize trustworthy sites).

You know what? That's enough. I'll rant more later.
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Sunday, August 31, 2008

A central theme follows me in school

I have to ask/tell/anoy some of you with this because I am bored tonight, and can't get to sleep, and because I am bored. Mainly the bored part.

McCain recently chose a Vice President that I personaly belive will *possibly* win him the election. Mainly because I belive he will die 6 months after he gets elected and she will get to take over. *and there was much rejoicing*

Anyway, Palin is from Alaska, which pretty much says she is a republican. Pro-gun anti-abortion. She also has 5 kids. Her oldest is in a military (goes to Iraq at some point) and her youngest has aids or something (it's actualy down syndrum, but who cares). Thats a pretty wide spectrum. She is also a hands on drillin for oil kinda gal, with more experiance then Obama (like thats hard to achieve) but less time in Washington then the no name senater from Deleware (did PA take a dump?) . She is the first Woman to be selected as part of a ticket for the republicans, she hunts, went to a christian school, plays the flute, Plays a mean game of hockey, and essentialy hits most major Republican and lots of Democratic hot spots. About the only people who don't like her are:

Democratic Californians living with their gay lovers who had their legs shot off by crazy abortion hating rublicans. And Moose, which she apparently hunts/eats in hamburgers made from Moose meat. Which doesn't make any sence, but was reported constently anyway. If it is a hamburger then its made with BEEF. You have to call it a Mooseburger is it's made with moose....stupid fucking news reporting doouche hobo gay faggot monkey ball holding stupids. Gosh.
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Converse with me...

"I will gladly pay you tomorrow for a sandwich today!"

"I will gladly pay you today for a sandwich yesterday, smartass."

"Very well. Two dollars!"

"Two dollars? For a time-traveling sandwich? What a bargain!"

(Dave the Reaper 3 some time during September, I promise.)
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