Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Votes Are Cast....

...tallied and sorted. The next American President IS....

VAMPI! Yes, it's true. Vampi is now to be known as "that idiot girl who's running the country". Now for her speech.
From here on out... everyone and I mean EVERYONE, must have cake for breakfast. It may start a new, 'healthy cake' movement, but it will be so because I, Vampi, decree it. Children will be allowed to play in the streets again. Less homework will be given out and recess will return to all schools! Good, decent morals will be instilled into our children, children of ALL ages. No more will there be idiotic, greedy, vain people teaching our children what life is about. NO! We'll teach our people, the American People, to live again. To find what life is really about. Stock markets? PAH, who needs stocks when there's lemonade and hot cocoa stands! Sky-high gas prices? No more! Who needs gas when there's rollar skates, bicycles and the ever present FEET! Don't have feet? Well... that's where motorized scooters come in to brighten EVERYONE's days. Obesity will be demolished!

Yeah... the campaign was a load of crock. We'll see what Obama's got. If he does good for the country, yay, if he doesn't I blame the American People.

Save the whales! >.> or just the shrimp..
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Monday, November 3, 2008

Wait there is a sidewalk

Summary - Spain owns

Yes we do

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Another party already?

Yes we are having another party. I know what your thinking "Aren't you guys having to many parties?"


Anyway, so the party is at Sean's house (we hope that's ok, because it's happening whether it's ok or not). either Tony of Marc is bringing rock band (we hope that's ok, because it is happening whether it's ok or not), and everyone is coming (we hope that's ok, because it is happeneing wehter it is ok or not). Friday night, this week. Over night. We have monday and tuesday of next week off, so it is ok!!! YAY! This is the first of 2-3 parties we will have next weekend. Oh, Kappa betta is the next day. We'll work it out though.
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