Monday, November 24, 2008

Interesting things happen late at night

This was a conversation between James and I as we neared 10:45p.m. Not uber late, but late enough for the following to happen. I am funnyguy3993, James is DrtyLb8 (I know that was hard to figure out, but I thought I would help)

funnyguy3993 (10:53:03 PM): You should ask someone out sometime.

funnyguy3993 (10:53:11 PM): Whats the worse that could happen?

DrtyLb8 (10:53:16 PM): rejection

funnyguy3993 (10:53:19 PM): Wrong

DrtyLb8 (10:53:25 PM): public humiliation?

funnyguy3993 (10:54:03 PM): The worst would be if she falls in love with you, you grow up together, you get married, then she decides after 15 eyars that she hates you, so she kicks you out. Then you live in your car for the rest of your life.

funnyguy3993 (10:54:16 PM): years*

DrtyLb8 (10:54:19 PM): wow, you're good at this

DrtyLb8 (10:54:30 PM): you should volunteer at a suicide hotline or something

funnyguy3993 (10:54:32 PM): Making people feel good?

funnyguy3993 (10:54:38 PM): It's my specialy

funnyguy3993 (10:54:44 PM): specilty*

funnyguy3993 (10:54:49 PM): speacialty...

funnyguy3993 (10:54:53 PM): Keep trying!

DrtyLb8 (10:54:58 PM): You'd be like "Well, if you're standing there with the rope around your neck, you might as well go ahead and do it!"

DrtyLb8 (10:55:03 PM): speciality

DrtyLb8 (10:55:06 PM): no shit

DrtyLb8 (10:55:08 PM): specialty

DrtyLb8 (10:55:37 PM): "You've gotten this far, don't back down now!"

funnyguy3993 (10:55:41 PM): "Hey dude, it's ok. Just pull the trigger, and all your problems go away!"


funnyguy3993 (10:57:22 PM): "Ok, now make sure that you hold the needle steady, or else the shot wont be lethal....damn that would be embarrassing"

DrtyLb8 (10:57:42 PM): "I don't think that was enough pills."

DrtyLb8 (10:57:48 PM): "Get some more down there."

funnyguy3993 (10:58:08 PM): I like that one. . That wasn't enough pills

funnyguy3993 (10:58:33 PM): "That's a stupid way to kill yourself! {insert suicide method here] is a much cleaner way to go."

DrtyLb8 (10:59:31 PM): "Look, the best way to do it is to hang yourself AND drown at the same time."

DrtyLb8 (10:59:37 PM): "I don't know how it's done."

DrtyLb8 (10:59:46 PM): "The only guy that tried sadly died in the attempt."

DrtyLb8 (10:59:55 PM): "But seriously, that's how to do it."

funnyguy3993 (10:59:55 PM): I heard about it once a book. It's definitely possible

funnyguy3993 (11:00:24 PM): Anyway, now that this whole chat needs to be screenied and framed

DrtyLb8 (11:00:44 PM): and now that the NSA is watching both of us

DrtyLb8 (11:00:47 PM): HAIL BIN LADEN

DrtyLb8 (11:01:02 PM): actually, they probably are now.

DrtyLb8 (11:01:06 PM): that was stupid.

funnyguy3993 (11:01:24 PM): Both of us are good christian gentlemen!

DrtyLb8 (11:01:33 PM): Hell-o! We voted McCain!

funnyguy3993 (11:01:46 PM): YES! McCain Palin ticket.

DrtyLb8 (11:02:03 PM): Palin '12!

The idiocy continued for like half in hour in this fashion. Great fun.

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