Thursday, December 4, 2008

You guys are boring.

Normally I try not to post two times in a row, but you guys are bringing me to this. Two posts in two weeks is weak. Weak. Weak Sauce.

I would have said something more...blunt and vulgar, but I'm trying to cut back. Yay for maturity. So, I'm trying to figure out what to post about. The only thing I can think of to talk about I can't really talk about. All I can say is that James, I hate you with an incredible passion that you can't even realize. Can't even come close to it. Sooo...Ger...I feel like cussing. I feel like screaming. I feel like bike riding, and I can't even do that. Snow, well and darkness. I've gone biking in darkness plenty of times before though. The cold might also be a set back. I think it's 8 degrees. Shit I hate certain aspects of life. And James. I'll finish this later when I'm in a better mood.

I'm back. Not in a better mood, but I'm back. I decided I would talk about my week. More specifically, my ability to distract teachers. It started in Physics on Tuesday. We have 5-6 things to do in there, and we barely finished 2. Barely. The next period was Euro, and we have 6 things written up on the agenda board. the first one was take a quiz. The quiz takes 15 minutes on any normal day. We distracted out teacher so bad ("does your cats name have historical significance?" "Who built the first boats" "Where do babies come from?"...not even kidding, all questions we asked her) the we managed to take the quiz, and that's it. TRULY it. Then I had English, and it's way to easy to distract Mr. Treece. So, first period the next day I have German. Frau was suppose to give us a test that comes in three parts. Normally we can get a test done in 1 day EASILY. We didn't start til half way through, and then we got her talking about the people she used to annoy when she was like 8. A really boring, but long story. We only got one part of the test done. Mr. Anderson, in math, distracts himself. We'll be talking about sine graphs and he'll be like "so the sine graphs look like this...Oh, that reminds me of a story. Have I told you guys about the time my high school girl friend dated my Math teacher?" "NO! Let's hear all about it! It sounds funny." I'm sorry I told you my stupid long story. If anyone actually reads this far, then not only am I impressed, but also sad. Well...not any more sad then I already was, but equally sad.
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