Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More Random Idiocy - In The News!

Since everyone's being.... weird. I'll add humor to the blog!

I decided to give links to all the ridiculous news stories my friends and I have found recently. Should be fun, right? :D

What A Smart Kid!
- If my brother did that... my mom would probably have hung him by his toenails from the ceiling fan!

Heeeeere Kitty Kitty!
- I have a cat who gets up inside the recliner. Not pleasant to get a cat claw in the tush when you're trying to take a nap. xD

Dig In Boys!
- I think the label "dietary disaster" would be a GREAT name for it! How many men would go to a game and think... "Oh yeah, THAT's what I want!" It'd TOTALLY sell!

An Apple A Day Keeps The Coppers Away!
- Now you can tell your parents why it's bad to eat fruit. :D

Not A News Article, but DAMN Funny.
- *Plays the theme to Jaws*

Well... that's all for today. How about an assignment for everyone?

Limericks! We need limericks. We've done haiku's. Why not limericks? And how about... Easter for the theme. :D Get crackin' boys!

♥ Vampi


chickenboy said...

HEY! I'm not being weird...oh wait...

Well, the second link didn't work for me. Sorry I'm being weird. I lost my sense of humor. If anyone finds it, can you return it to me?

Vampi. said...

-hugs and lets you borrow my sense of humor-

I know it's not that grand, but I'll loan it to you....

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