Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Birthday...

Hey guys, it's been a year.
I remember when the idea was born, out of insane boredom and hatred for art class. We were young, foolish and funny.
We've grown up. Our anecdotal humor seems to have devolved into "That's what she said" jokes and quick-witted turn of phrase so that another's comments now seem gross.

It's been a good year, but our run as kings has ended.

In other news, I plan on completing and publishing How To Avoid Death this summer, so you'll know when it's done. I'll tell you on Facebook.

That's another reason why this has become not helpful anymore: we all have Facebooks.


chickenboy said...

A whole year. Wow. These were good times. It's rather sad. Very. We seem to have lost all our steam, pushed it to other parts of our lives. Woe.


Avoiding death! Woot! Teach, oh wise Bishop.

Vampi. said...

Yeah wow..... it's amazing really....
I've kinda lost touch with you guys too.
I blame Facebook's new layout, so I just don't see what's important anymore -.-'

The sequel to "How To Avoid Death"....
"How To Avoid Lions, Tigers, Bears, And Other 'Dangerous' Wildlife"
First chapter.... The Zoo.


Liberal Atheist said...

Both of those are prequels to the Zombie Survival Guide, which itself is a companion to the book of Mormon.