Saturday, June 6, 2009

'Tis summer again

This is a reflection of the past year, sorry for the late birthday present wisecrack.

When this website started it was just Bishop, James, Jack and I. We were sophomores, and we were even less mature then than we are now. That's hard to imagine. We have grown a lot actually. I'm not sure how I would have made it through last summer without this blog. The most boring summer, ever. Ever. No joke. Well, my most boring summer, anyway. I had nothing to do for almost the entire summer. I played video games, and I used wisecrackexpress. It was a pathetic existence, but I craved every post, and every comment that came through this website so I could keep my sanity. I got a laugh every once and a while, from the randomness, or from the stupidity of it all. We were really mean to each other...a lot. Like we used to call each other the worst things, but we all knew we were just kidding. Well, at least I was.... Anyway, among the things that I blame wisecrack's downfall on are facebook, prostitution, democrats, the black hand, Marc Udall, Sarah Palin, Obama (of course), horse shows, the south, gays, red necks, racists, Rush Limbaugh, douchebags, fox and friends, msnbc, Sean Hanity, cats, Country music, English teachers, Gay rapists, pants, porn, strap ons, nebraska, jews, Liberals, gay clowns, zombies, Jews ( I have to list them twice, because Jack made fun of them a lot), Micheal Jackson, hobos, police officers, pants, profanity, whores, pirates, Vampi (our ultimate downfall), pickles, and everything else that we have made fun of in the past year. We made fun of a LOT of things... We were horrible people.

Anyway, to help keep the blog going, since we have reached a point of... stoppage on the blog. We are making a

[wait for it]

[keep waiting]

[ok, wait over]
a podcast. or series of podcasts. We are going to try to get Bishop, James and in on it for sure, with some special guests, and maybe another person...but not likely. We are doing it via skype, and we are going to try to make it about 30 minutes long, wait for the website posting on facebook and on here. I love you all. Thank you for all the amazing times wisecrackexpress!!!! I love you forever. Never to forget.

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