Monday, August 24, 2009

Existential Ramblings, Part Two

More from your favorite, formerly-depressed Absurdist!

This was originally written in the wee hours of July 24, 2009, And I had been running on very little sleep.... So, take the time to read the musings of a sleep-deprivewd, semi-depressed teenager if you so wish...

"How... absurd the lives we live are... Utterly pointless, mundane... In the end, our dreams, our hopes, our capability to feel emotion, our beings are.... void. Nothing at all. It is pathetic, how weak we are. How atatched we are to the mortal world. Why does one evade death? Why Delay the inevitable? Sure, we can try to make an impact on those around us. We can atempt to to create a legacy, to, in a way, attain immortality...yet such attempts are meaningless.... Given enough time. There is no history that remains constant, there are a limitless number of ways that any one event in the past can be interpreted..
I am starting to ramble now... My mind is floating from one topic to the next with great ease. But I digress....
Existence. Just by existing, one is risking the end of said existence. Nothing can be certain when it comes to life, other than death. We all die, no matter what the fuck we do to slow death's arrival. So why the hell do we cling to this metaphoric journey to death? Is it because we want to be happy? As an Atheist/nihilist/whatever-the-hell-I am, I believe that there is nothing following death. No conciousness to feel sadness or anger, no ability fo feel loss, longing, or regret. Why should I care about my happiness, or getting the most out of my life? I cease to exist in a mental state following death. Everything I know, every memory I have.... will be gone. As is my so-called soul, or consciousness. I might as well go jump off of a bridge... Suffocate myself, as I once attempted to do long ago... Overdose....
Sure, you could say I have so much to live for, but do I really need to lve for it? After my existence is over, I will not even have the capability to to look back and think, "those were great times", or, "I really wish I had more fun"...Why do I need to make the most of my life? As cruel and heartless as this sounds, IF I was seriously contemplating suicide, the reactions of my friends and relatives would have no meaning to me..... No ability to feel, or remember after death, remember? At least, in my book....... But Christianity, Buddhism, and other religions are for another day, another handwritten page.....
Life is ultimately meaningless, and any attempt to apply meaning to it is yet another futile, absurd attempt to justify how desprately we cling to this pitiful existence....."

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Existential Ramblings, Part One

Esistence is Absurd and Pointless. Much Like GTA

Hullo Everyone, this'll be my first post on Wisecrack Express. Despite the fact that it's mainly copypasta, take some time to look at my existential rambling about life and video games, if it so pleases you.
Anyway, this was copied directly from our good friend Andrew's Facebook page, albeit it was inspired primarily by Robert's commenting about how I supposedly never want a game to end... so yeah, read on....

"Robert Valek Jr at 1:26am June 19
you stall death because nobody ever wants an end. you of all people jimmy should understand this. when youre playing a videogame, do you ever truly want it to end? NO. you want to find out what happens next, but when the end comes there's this overwhelming sense of emptiness, like there should still be more.

life is a journey, not a goal. enjoy the journey, and don't rush for the inevitable goal

James Richard Hall III at 5:02am June 19
A few things: it is unwise to make the generalization that nobody wants an end to their lives. Why else do people commit suicide? Because they want to live longer? And when the end of my absurd life comes to pass, I will not be in any way able to feel the immaterial emotions I had clung to, I would not be able to percieve physical pain I avoided at all costs. For my consiousness will simply cease to exist. The world around my body will not matter to me, and cannot matter to me becuase I will have no awareness to care about anything.

On the topic of video games, I do wish for an end to them. Would Mother 3 be as incredibly good without the heartbreaking ending? Would Chrono Trigger have been as good if the Player never confronted the final boss, Lavos? Would Super Mario Bros. be fun if the princess was perpetually in another castle? Not really. I wish to know what happens at the end. Similar to immortality, an endless game would get tiresome, and boring, and lose what meaning the player has given it. In fact, 'God Mode" cheats used in games often speed up the process. The player would cease to play the game in question, which would be analogous to suicide.

Let's throw in a little Video Game Theory, shall we? A final goal is essential to any video game, otherwise it is not a game. However, under certain modes of gameplay, such as that of the Grand Theft Auto games (in which the player is not forced to follow the storyline at all) there can be goals other than those set by the developers: goals set by players. I suppose one could say this many, if not all humans are subject to this 'mode of existence'..... because we live in what can be considered a sandbox environment; we are free to set our own goals. not have them chosen for us.

Ultimately, the VG Player will either meet his goals or will not. this is meaningless however; for the game console will eventually be shut down.... Much like real life. Each of us will either meet our goals, or fail. But it all means nothing in the end. We WILL die. What we do with our lives is ultimately meaningless. Even if we somehow learn to cheat death, if we find the "God Mode" of life, we will lose the meaning we have put into existence...

I suppose one could say a sandbox videogame is an accurate emulation of existence, albeit being a faster reproduction............ How absurd....."

So... That was my semi-depressed existential, absurdist rant on GTA and life in general.
Not much longer after I posted it, James decided to derail the whole damn thing with one word: Replayablility.
Damn you, James.
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Here it goes, test time.

Just wondering if I am the only one who checks this once a week. So here goes my attempt at funny.

Well, this came partially from a conversation I had with Natasha where I found out all about Mormons. Now, aside from the name it's self being funny when typoed (morons! HAH!) they are actually a very fine group of people. Apparently, unlike Christians, they are ALWAYS nice, and very rarely sarcastic. Never Hypocritical. Never. True statement. Unlike the rest of the human population, morons...I mean, mormons always do EXACTLY what they say they are going to do, and never throw balls in other peoples yards until their own weeds are gone (or however that metaphor goes about backyards). Plus, they, for the most part, smell like freshly picked flowers...believe it or not, that smell is very similar to not picked flowers, except the smell of decay and the look of wilt isn't present. Of course, for all their many good traits they have one small one...well, the thing is....never mind, you don't want to know about how homosexual they are, yet somehow paradoxicly being homophobes as well. That would be hypocritical, and a lot like Christians, so that couldn't be possible anyway. Well, life has it's faults.

Life, love, and the pursuit of accident.
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