Monday, September 21, 2009

9 - 21 - 09

Happy International Day of Peace.

Today, everyone laid down their arms and got to know each other as decent human beings. Issues were rationally discussed, disputes resolved, and all wars were ended, because people recognized everyone's inherent humanity.


[8:48:20 PM] James LaRock: of course I'll be all flowers and "yay love", so I guess you need some middle ground, amirite
[8:48:28 PM] Kyle Bishop: I am the middle ground.
[8:48:35 PM] James LaRock: I award you an internet
[8:48:40 PM] Kyle Bishop: And we can be a love trinity
[8:48:48 PM] James LaRock: And another
[8:48:52 PM] James LaRock: you now have two internets
[8:48:53 PM] Kyle Bishop: a ménage-à-trois
[8:49:37 PM] James LaRock: okay
[8:49:41 PM] James LaRock: no homo though
[8:49:49 PM] Kyle Bishop: oh, of course not Read the full article.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fungeye is the plural of fuguses

Hunting is a lot like hiking.

Hunting is a lot like hiking. Well, except that you carry around a 10 pound weight...that kills things. Oh, right, and there aren't a bunch of ass holes who walk the trails with you. It's pretty much just you and the elk. I hate those ass holes on the trails when you are just hiking. "God damn you little kid. Get the hell out of my way." Makes me want to kick them off the mountain. "I'll kick you the mountain little kid! Jeez, this trail is too difficult for you anyway, ya little bogie."

This is all part of my yearly report on my yearly hunting trip. This year, I brought down a cow elk, and *cough* my dad's buck (don't tell the police). He always manages to be going to the bathroom when animals come by. It's like his poop attracts forest creatures...what the hell? In any case, I also did other illegal things, like drove for about 2 hours alone. Me the one with the permit. Hee hee hee. Hee. I have grabbed over 20 hours of illegal driving, and only about 7 legally. I don't think my parents realize how much more I've driven with other people than them. Since that has nothing to do with hunting, we'll get back to other things...that I can't think of. So this is pretty much over. Oh well.

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