Friday, September 24, 2010

College is like college. I make the simile!

-sighs- I suppose change is unavoidable. I mean, if I had that kind of decision-making power, I would suppose change is unavoidable. As it is, I'm just aware that it is so. Wow, what is with that "so" at the end of that sentence there? Good Lord, this isn't an essay.

So what I am doing now? I mean, besides being an absolute retard. It's midnight, past it, actually, and I have to get up early. My supervisor has an exam, and needs me to fill in for him tomorrow morning. I would have said no, as I usually do when people to ask for me to cover their shift, but...supervisor. What am I going to say? "I'm busy tomorrow." He knows I'm not. I didn't lie about my availability like everyone else, unfortunately. Hang on, I have to tie this body paragraph to the thesis. I WORK. Holy crap, is that a surprise. I always talked about getting a job, but I figured that the possibility of doing so was so slim, I'd be able to avoid work. Fate, or, should I say, the desperate people at the local grab and go, had other plans for 12 hours of my life every week.

But it's alright. I mean, my supervisors are pretty cool - the one that works with me making the food is an admitted lush, pothead, and dealer, while his boss is a straight-edge, hardworking guy who's probably in the basement of the commons more than he is in class. And he's also a nice dude, which works. Now, if only we could get someone to come in on Tuesdays to help...

Funny story about that, actually. Girl applied on Friday, got hired Saturday morning, got her schedule - she would have worked Sunday, Tuesday nights (with us), and Friday - and she emailed payroll tbat same Saturday night with her resignation. I guess the responsibility was just too much for her.

Some things never change, though. I guess I have IB to thank for that. I had a test in International Affairs today. Basically, we just looked at narrow topics, or events, or people, and wrote a paragraph about them, explaining both exactly what they were and why they were significant. In other words, a miniature IB history paper. How about that Kargil offensive? Or Sir Syed Ahmed Khan's Aligarh school? Yeah.

And there are enough familiar faces here that I'm never lost. The floor is tight. We all know each other, mostly. Dani's only a floor away. Her roommate is nice, but also totally irresponsible. She turned 21 - she's a non-traditional student - and so she's allowed to have alcohol in the room. And she doesn't care if Dani drinks it. This is a problem, because Dani doesn't care if Dani drinks it either. Anyhow. The communal bathroom isn't as much of a problem as I thought it was going to be. I mean, you wouldn't piss all over your toilet at home, and this is our home now. God, that's weird to say.

Today, I was doing laundry, and all of the dryers were taken, with about 20 minutes to go on all of them. Rather than spend twenty minutes and a dollar to shrink my clothes, I took the whole bag of laundry upstairs and hung it up in my closet to air-dry. I took a whiff, and I thought, mm, detergent and wet clothes.

Smells like home.

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