Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's short. Promise.

A professor, a midterm, and a ceiling fan walk into a bar.

What's the joke? The professor, of course. He teaches [insert name of discipline you have no respect for here; for instance, anthropology].

I guess I should have made that clear at the beginning of the joke. Hah! That's a pretty big hole. I'll fix it next time. Also, he was carrying the ceiling fan, because he thought he was taking it to an electrician. To be fair, he was, because the electrician operated out of the bar. You might be asking yourself if it's safe for a drunk dude to be operating on electrical equipment. Good question, you!, the midterm is because midterms are coming up slash over, and the professor, being overworked and underpaid, needs to grade it now. This joke isn't really that funny, is it?

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chickenboy said...

You have no respect for Anthropology teachers? I resent that.

[insert reason/reasons you believe anthropology should be the most highly respected and is the most beneficial discipline]

I think you have been reading to much xkcd