Friday, September 3, 2010

Nerd Party Discussion

It's been far too long. We've failed to make our wisecracks recently. With college and lovers and Bish's rockband, there's been little time for the joyous accounts of our idiocy at its best... and worse. So I've decided to call out to my fellow crackers and we're going to post the crazy, idiotic, crap we do during this Nerd Party... and then after we've done that we should share the crack ups we do during, between, and/or after classes, in the dorms, at Matt's new pad and the like.

That being said, I've set my mother up for a fun class (she's going to college with me these next 2 semesters.) She gets to enjoy the hell that was my English Composition I class. While it was fun because of the professor, she's still a hard ass. To everyone other than her former students, she's known as Mrs Satan. Personally, I believe her to be my Aunt's good twin. If any of you are taking Comp I... I suggest you suck up, a lot, even if you're an awesome writer. That class is always a huge GPA buster. Social Science courses are all loads of crock but amazingly easy. They're all opinion based. ALL courses are easy if you suck up to the teacher and ask lots of questions like you're clueless but you know what you're talking about and the teacher is an idiot who probably hasn't seen hide nor hare of the white rabbit in many a millennium. Haha, get it, hare? Rabbit? Yeah, I'm awesome.

In conclusion, those living in dorms; don't drop the soap. Matt, don't drop your pants either. Actually, everyone, just leave your clothes on in general.
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