Saturday, January 1, 2011

A rebuttal

Fuck you guys.
It's officially 2011 everywhere (fuck you Hawaii) and that's actually pronounced 20-11.
I promised myself that 2010 (pronounced 20-10) would be awesome (read: I'd be in a relationship) but it ended up being a bit more adult. This blog started from a desire to be comedic, and it's been largely juvenile. I take some responsibility for that.
We've grown apart (as Shafo has written) and we're not stricken by the same strokes of genius we once were (2008, pronounced "two-thousand-and-eight"). We've moved into a different range of the emotional spectrum. If that means less Wisecrack Express, so be it (read: it does).
Personally, I'm proud of the strides we've made out of this box. I'll keep a part of this site deep in my heart, somewhere around the lower part of my left ventricle.

I also promise a new Dave the Reaper some time before July 2014. Read the full article.